Heartburn in stomach

Heartburn is a common disorder among many people and is associated with indigestion disorders.


The complaint becomes permanent for women during pregnancy, and this sensation is not harmful or causes problems for the pregnant woman, but it causes pain and discomfort.


*Heartburn in stomach:

It is a burning feeling that extends from the bottom of the throat to the bottom of the breastbone, and its causes are hormonal and physiological changes in the body. During pregnancy, the placenta secretes the hormone (progesterone), which relaxes the muscles of the uterus. This hormone also works to relax the valve that separates the esophagus from the stomach, which leads to the reflux of acid from the stomach into the pharynx, which ultimately translates into a sensation and feeling of burning in the mouth of the stomach. The effect of the progesterone hormone does not stop at this alone, as it slows down stomach contractions and makes the digestive process sluggish and dull. Its symptoms increase in the last months of pregnancy because the fetus grows in size and fills the abdominal cavity, which slows down the expulsion process and of course the occurrence of reflux.


* When do its symptoms disappear?

Most pregnant women suffer from heartburn and indigestion in the second half of pregnancy, and the symptoms often do not disappear until after childbirth.


*Treatment of heartburn:

It cannot be avoided or avoided 100%, but alleviating the severity of the symptoms is the surest treatment:

– Avoid eating the following foods:

• Fatty foods.

• Spicy foods.


• Acidic drinks.

• Coffee.

• Alcohols.


– Eat foods in several meals and in small quantities.

– Bite small amounts of food and chew them well.

– Do not drink large amounts of fluids during meals, but between meals. The recommended amount for a pregnant woman is 8-10 cups.

-Do not sleep immediately after eating.

– Sleeping on high pillows or anything else, the important thing is to raise the head, because gravity works to prevent stomach acid from refluxing in the opposite direction.

– Resort to antacid medications after consulting a doctor, as they contain magnesium and calcium, which give a feeling of comfort, but be careful that most of these medications are high in sodium.

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