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Wisdom teeth and their health problems

For many people, the appearance of a wisdom tooth causes health problems in the jaw, as the wisdom tooth often appears between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five after the teeth have completed forming. During that period, the person has completed the teenage stage and has become mentally mature, so this tooth is called With the age of reason.



The number of wisdom teeth is four, two in each jaw, and because the wisdom tooth appears late in the mouth, it happens that it does not find a place for it in the jaw, so it partially emerges or remains in the jaw bones.



The reasons for the wisdom tooth not fully erupting are due to the small size of the jaw, which does not allow these molars to erupt properly, the growth of the tooth in a slanted transverse manner, and also the disappearance of the wisdom tooth bud.



In many cases, wisdom teeth cause health problems for a large number of people, as severe inflammation appears in the gums in which the tooth is located when it first appears in the mouth. This inflammation causes a tumor in the jaw and the formation of purulent secretions that increase the pain, so the patient cannot… He opens his mouth easily, may not be able to swallow food, the breath becomes bad, the temperature rises, and he feels tired and exhausted. The appearance of the wisdom tooth may also cause pressure on the lower jaw nerve, resulting in pain in the ear, eye, and some areas of the face. Swelling occurs throughout the jaw area, which requires the intervention of a specialist doctor

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