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Back pain while breathing - Care Beauty

Back pain while breathing

Back pain while breathing


Back pain while breathing can result from many possible causes, including infections, injuries, and heart disorders. If the cause is not clear, the person should see a doctor, because pain while breathing can be a symptom of serious disorders.



Pain in the upper back while breathing usually extends around the chest. Acute pain can be a symptom of pleurisy or a heart attack, while non-acute pain may be caused by a fracture in the vertebrae or muscle strain.



Looking for other symptoms can help a person determine the cause of the pain. If upper back pain is causing persistent difficulty breathing, it is important to consult a doctor, because the cause may be serious.



Pain can cause a person to avoid taking deep breaths, and shallow breathing leads to a decrease in the amount of oxygen entering the body, which can harm health over time.



Symptoms of back pain while breathing


Upper back pain occurs almost anywhere from the beginning of the spine at the base of the neck to the end of the ribs. Some people with upper back pain feel discomfort when they sneeze, cough, or take a deep breath.



If a person has a health disorder that affects internal organs such as the lungs or heart, he may suffer from pain in the upper back while breathing.



He may also feel pain in the shoulders and neck if he has a medical disorder or injury.