Something you do every day makes you old quickly.. What is it?


Turkish social media expert Nez Onay believes that excessive use of technology not only leads to separation of a person from the world around him, but may also accelerate his aging.


Unay said, during a statement to Anadolu Agency, that “the long hours a person spends in front of the phone and the light emitted from its screen may cause aging.”



He explained that “people who use technology excessively tend to eat fast food, which in turn leads to disruption of their eating patterns, leading to obesity.”


Given that the human body is a huge system that works in harmony, Unay explained, “Problems that occur in part of this system spread to the entire system, harming the structure of vital organs and causing them to age.”


Regarding the various lights emitted from phones, tablets and computers, the technical expert stated that “research has shown that blue light, at least, is not free from harm at all.”


He added that the effect of light on humans “is not only limited to helping them see, but it also synchronizes the human biological clock, during the 24-hour cycle.”



He explained, “Blue light is a factor (in the cycle), because the short waves that come with light manipulate the circadian system, which keeps a person’s biological and psychological rhythms in sync.”


Unay emphasized that the circadian rhythm is very important for the functioning of living organisms, adding that the impact on this system causes both sleep and wakefulness disorders, and thus also psychological and neurological disorders.


Blue light causes depression


Quoting an article published by Jörg Lippmann and Matthias Born in the journal Investigative Dermatology, Unai said: “Research shows that blue light, especially emitted by electronic devices, causes changes in skin cells, including cell shrinkage and death.”


“We believe that blue light not only affects our condition during the day, but also leads to aging with its effect on the skin,” Unai added.



Reduce usage


The Turkish expert stressed that the excessive use of technical tools affects the psychological and physiological state of people.


In order to reduce the risks caused by technology addiction, Unai suggested removing applications that people do not use from phones, and turning off notifications from games and applications.


He finds that when people remove apps, their daily phone use decreases dramatically.


“If we have difficulty controlling ourselves, we can also download applications that limit the time we use applications on our phones,” Unai concluded.

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