Serious conditions indicated by headache  

Serious conditions indicated by headache


The location of your head pain is an important clue in determining the type of headache you have and potential treatments.



Headache is a very common symptom. There are certain health conditions that can be serious and affect your headache depending on its location. These locations include the following:



A headache that affects your entire head


When you feel a full-blown headache, it feels as if there is a tight band around your head. This often indicates tension headache, the most common primary headache disorder.



However, it is important to note that there are times when migraine pain can be intracranial. This means that the pain can be felt around the head rather than just on one side.



With a tension headache, the pain and pressure may extend to your neck, and you may also feel pain around your forehead.



Tension headaches are caused by spasms of the muscles of the head and neck. This type of headache lasts for a few hours, but it can last for days.



Tension headaches can occur due to stress or neck problems. However, you may also have all-over headaches from:





Physical exertion




Dizziness from alcohol




Having a cold or flu


Head trauma


Eye strain or staring at the computer for a long time


Using too much headache medication, also known as rebound headache


Occasional tension headaches do not usually require medical attention. See your doctor if you have headaches on 15 or more days in a month.

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