4 unhealthy habits that may cause you to have a stroke

Stroke is not limited to an elderly man or woman only, it may occur at any age, and taking birth control pills can increase the risk of stroke in women, as the Stroke Association indicated that in general, women suffer more from strokes than men. This could be due to the longer lifespan that women live compared to men

Here are 5 unhealthy lifestyle choices that may make us more vulnerable to stroke:

Birth control pills for women

Combined oral contraceptive pills contain estrogen, which increases the risk of stroke.


Smoking is another lifestyle choice that can significantly increase your risk of stroke, so it’s important to quit smoking to prevent it.

brain attack

Lack of exercise

Another unhealthy lifestyle option that can increase the risk of stroke, it is important to do physical activity and exercise on a daily basis, as this promotes overall health and protects you from serious diseases.

Use of prohibited drugs

The use of illegal drugs also carries a high risk of fatal stroke, so you should avoid this and do not use any drugs without consulting your doctor.

Therefore, following a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet can help you reduce the risk of having a stroke. You can also maintain your health by visiting your doctor regularly to monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol levels in order to avoid any health problems that you may be exposed to.

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