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September 24, 2023 admin

4 unhealthy habits that may cause you to have a stroke

Stroke is not limited to an elderly man or woman only, it may occur at any age, and taking birth control pills can increase the risk of stroke in women, as the Stroke Association indicated that in general, women suffer more from strokes than men. This could be due to the longer lifespan that women live compared to men

Here are 5 unhealthy lifestyle choices that may make us more vulnerable to stroke:

Birth control pills for women

Combined oral contraceptive pills contain estrogen, which increases the risk of stroke.


Smoking is another lifestyle choice that can significantly increase your risk of stroke, so it’s important to quit smoking to prevent it.

brain attack

Lack of exercise

Another unhealthy lifestyle option that can increase the risk of stroke, it is important to do physical activity and exercise on a daily basis, as this promotes overall health and protects you from serious diseases.

Use of prohibited drugs

The use of illegal drugs also carries a high risk of fatal stroke, so you should avoid this and do not use any drugs without consulting your doctor.

Therefore, following a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet can help you reduce the risk of having a stroke. You can also maintain your health by visiting your doctor regularly to monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol levels in order to avoid any health problems that you may be exposed to.

May 20, 2023 admin

Learn about internet addiction and ways to treat it

The study of Internet addiction first began in the United States in the mid-1990s, and more recent studies have documented Internet addiction in many countries, such as Italy, Pakistan, the Czech Republic, and in China, Korea, and Taiwan. Internet addiction is a growing health concern and the exact cause of Internet addiction is unknown, but The potential factors are diverse, and some researchers have compared it to other conditions involving addiction, such as compulsive buying,


Those with Internet addiction may experience a “high” when using their computers similar to the one experienced by those who shop compulsively when making a purchase. Family and social factors may also play a role, as a person may turn to virtual reality more and more in order to Escape from negative situations in everyday life. Since one uses the Internet frequently and experiences positive feelings and sensations as a result of using the Internet, he or she may depend on the Internet in order to feel good or even normal.


Types of Internet addiction may include sexting or Internet addiction, online gaming addiction, addiction to chat rooms or blogging sites, and others. Some individuals may spend all of their time online surfing websites or reading blog entries. Others may use the Internet. for compulsive shopping or taking part in online gambling, although these, along with sex addiction, are considered as separate addictions.


Addict behaviors:


Shows preoccupation with the Internet, even when not in use


Use the Internet more and more


Inability to stop or cut back on internet use (despite attempts to do so)


Feeling moody, irritable, low, or anxious as a result of attempts to cut down on Internet use


Use the Internet to regulate your mood or to defuse the negative effects of problems


You risk losing a job, romantic relationships, friendships, or academic standing in order to spend more time online


You lose sleep, experience fatigue, and feel apathetic


Lying to family members, friends or mental health professionals about your Internet use or time spent online


Internet addiction is a highly treatable condition. When the addiction is recognized, a therapist or other mental health professional can help the individual take steps to address the behavior and restore the ability to use the Internet in a healthy way. Internet addiction differs from some other addictions in that some level of Internet use is generally necessary for function in society. Thus, the goal of treatment is usually not complete abstinence from sex. Cognitive behavioral therapy, self-help therapy groups, group therapy, and family therapy have all been shown to be effective methods for treating Internet addiction.

May 1, 2023 admin

The easiest way to get rid of blackheads

There are many creams and products issued by brands with the aim of removing blackheads, purifying the skin of toxins and getting rid of their secretions. If you find it difficult to choose the right lotion or cream for you, here is a quick and natural way to get rid of blackheads that accumulate around the nose area. It is Vaseline, an oily cream that has many cosmetic benefits, and here it proves its effectiveness in removing blackheads.
Follow the steps:
>• Put Vaseline on your finger and rub the area under the nose well.

• Use a piece of nylon, and put it on your nose for 5 minutes.
After wetting the area well and the interaction of Vaseline with the steam, which accumulates inside the nylon, you can remove the latter.
Remove Vaseline with a clean towel.
Roll a sterile gauze around your finger, and start squeezing the blackheads from bottom to top.
Repeat this process several times to get rid of all blackheads.
After you are done, apply your moisturizing cream.
Watch out! Here are some aesthetic mistakes that cause an increase in blackheads, so avoid them:

•Do not use your fingers directly to remove blackheads. In this way, you add dirt and bacteria to your pores.>• Shops offer many tools to remove blackheads at home, but you have to be aware that the latter are susceptible to bacteria, which leads to distortions in the skin, if used incorrectly.
Avoid excessive exfoliation. If you have sensitive skin, exfoliation can be harsh on your skin, and can lead to breakouts and blackheads. In this case, we advise you to replace exfoliation with a cleanser that is more gentle and suitable for your skin type.

January 29, 2022 admin

7 Things To Do To Fix The Sagging After Rapid Weight Loss

Giving birth or losing weight quickly… Both can lead to poor skin quality and sagging. It takes much more effort to recover the sagging that occurs than to lose weight. 😪 Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! We have researched and written what you need to do to recover sagging skin. With these small but effective steps, you can achieve a firm and youthful skin. Here’s what you need to do to tighten your skin…

1. Improve your sleep quality

For this, you must first lower the temperature of your home. Especially your bedroom should be cool! Experts say that the ideal temperature for a quality sleep is 18 degrees. In addition, your room should be as dark as possible. You should stop eating at least 2 hours before going to sleep and keep electronic devices away from your bed. 😊

2. Use products containing retinoids

Firming creams can help your skin recover quickly. Of course, you should not neglect to use them regularly for them to be effective. In particular, creams containing retinoids support cell regeneration, allowing you to achieve a younger skin.

3. Exercise 20 minutes every day

Staying active is not only beneficial for your body but also for your mind. When you exercise regularly, your metabolism also speeds up. In this way, much more oxygen goes to the cells. If you want to improve the quality of your skin quickly, you should take care to exercise for at least 20 minutes every day.

4. Benefit from almond oil


Almond oil, which deeply moisturizes the skin, also helps to even out your skin tone. It is especially effective in sagging and cracks in the abdomen. To massage the abdomen using almond oil, lie on your back and warm your hands by rubbing them together. Then drip almond oil on your stomach and start massaging in a clockwise direction. You can press lightly if you wish. Do not forget to massage the midline of your abdomen. Apply for twenty minutes, several times a week.

5. Consume at least one serving of lean protein per day


Everyone’s daily protein intake is different. But that doesn’t mean you should stay away from quality protein! If you want your skin to tighten quickly, you need to pay attention to your lean protein intake.

6. Make a coffee scrub


Coffee scrub reduces the appearance of cellulite as it is good for lymphatic drainage. In addition, it makes your skin more elastic. Experts recommend using unused coffee when exfoliating. All you have to do is rub your whole body with coffee after your shower!

7. Drink lots of water


One of the easiest ways to tell if you’re drinking enough water is to check the color of your urine. Dark urine means you are not drinking enough water. In order for your skin to tighten quickly, you need to pay attention to your water consumption.

January 12, 2022 admin

Foods That Keep You Full


Fullness, which is the feeling of fullness we experience after eating, is a term that helps us measure our appetite. Each food affects the feeling of fullness differently, and foods that keep you full can also help maintain health and lose weight in the long run.

Of course, if your primary goal is to lose weight, let’s say that it is useful to consult a dietitian to make a programming about how and when you will consume these foods.

Foods That Keep You Full-2 - Hair Care & Beauty

What properties do satiating foods contain?

High protein: Protein that lowers the levels of hunger hormone ghrelin and satiety hormone leptin, improving appetite; They are the foods with the highest satiety compared to carbohydrates or fat.

High fiber: By slowing the emptying of the stomach and increasing the digestion time, fiber causes you to feel full for a long time.

High volume: Foods containing a lot of water or air also cause you to feel full for a long time.

Low energy density: This means that a food is low in calories for its weight. Such foods usually contain a lot of water and fiber and little fat.

Which foods are filling?

Firstly; Let’s say that all unprocessed foods have more satiety properties compared to processed foods.


Of course, at the top of the list comes vegetables, which are loaded with all kinds of vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant compounds. These high-volume and low-calorie foods contain plenty of water and fiber. If you try to eat salads before you eat them, you may find that you will consume less carbohydrate and fat-containing meals afterward, and that salad alone may be enough to keep you full.

Bonus: Chewing food too much during meals is one of the important factors affecting the digestive system and calorie intake. Chewing salads also benefits overall health, as it takes longer to chew than other foods.


This category, which includes foods such as beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas, are known as fiber and protein stores. This causes them to be among the foods with the highest satiety compared to other foods.


Almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts are consumed a lot to relieve hunger during lunch breaks or between two meals. Not only does it relieve the feeling of hunger, but it also has many benefits on general health, as they are very rich in healthy fats 

Foods That Keep You Full-4 - Hair Care & Beauty

coconut oil

Containing a unique combination of approximately 90% saturated fatty acids, coconut oil is in every aspect of our lives, from beauty routines to hair care. It’s also loaded with triglycerides, which drastically reduce appetite and calorie intake. You can use it by adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to your coffee for an energetic morning . Coconut oil is one of the foods that can also help you burn fat.


It is a common misconception that liquid foods are less satiating than solid foods. (*) Especially soups made with grains or vegetables are also very rich in protein and vitamins and are among the foods that keep you full. 


If you think that the meat with the highest protein is red meat, we can say that the saturation of red meat comes later than fish. Fish, which is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, can increase the feeling of satiety in people who are overweight or obese. 

Boiled potato

Boiled and peeled potatoes are rich in various vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and potassium. Boiled potatoes that contain no fat also contain fiber, protein and water. You can create a healthy menu that will keep you full all night by replacing the rice or pasta you make with red meat for dinner with boiled potatoes.


Eggs, which are extremely healthy and nutritious, are especially consumed by athletes. Consuming 2 eggs at breakfast with high protein will cause you to spend your lunch with light things.

One study found that eating eggs for breakfast instead of bagels increased satiety and led to less calorie intake over the next 36 hours. 

January 12, 2022 admin

8 Important Reasons to Always Feel Hungry

When you’re hungry, your stomach may feel enlarged and empty, you may get a headache, you may feel restless and irritable, and you may even be unable to concentrate. For most people, it may take several hours between meals before they feel hungry again, but not everyone. If you feel hungry all day long, there may be many different reasons. There are also some foods and methods that keep you full. By increasing the consumption of these foods, you can suppress your feeling of hunger.

8 Important Reasons to Feel Always Hungry-2 - Hair Care & Beauty

Are you getting enough protein?

Consuming enough protein is important for appetite control. Protein has properties that help you automatically consume fewer calories throughout the day and reduce hunger. By increasing the production of hormones that signal satiety, it can reduce levels of hormones that stimulate hunger. Even if you do not consume enough protein, you may feel hungry all day long. Meat, poultry, fish and eggs, dairy products and nuts contain high amounts of protein.

Do you have a sleeping pattern?

Getting enough sleep is extremely important not only for your diet, but also for your overall health. Adequate sleep helps regulate ghrelin, the appetite-stimulating hormone. Lack of sleep leads to higher ghrelin levels, so when you are sleep-deprived you may feel constantly hungry. If you have trouble sleeping, set a time for sleep and take a warm shower about 1 hour before this time. The water will relax your body, causing you to relax. Also, try using different fruit and flower scented shower gels  during the shower to set aside thoughts, stress and worries . Fragrance can make your transition to sleep easier.

Are you drinking enough water during the day?

Water keeps your skin and digestive system healthy. In addition, it is very filling and has the potential to reduce appetite when consumed before meals. The feeling of thirst can be confused with the feeling of hunger. If you feel hungry all the time, it may be helpful to drink a glass or two of water just to see if you’re thirsty.

8 Important Reasons to Feel Always Hungry-4 - Hair Care & Beauty

Do you consume a lot of carbohydrates?

Refined carbohydrates are highly processed and stripped of their fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Foods containing white flour, such as bread and pasta, contain a lot of carbohydrates. Since they do not contain fiber, the body digests these foods very quickly. The feeling of hunger reappears after digestion and becomes one of the main reasons for you to feel hungry all the time  

Do the foods you eat contain fiber?

If you don’t have fiber in your diet, you may feel hungry all the time. Eating large amounts of high-fiber foods helps manage hunger well. High-fiber foods slow your stomach’s emptying rate and take longer to digest than low-fiber foods. Many different foods, such as oatmeal, flaxseed, sweet potatoes, oranges, and Brussels sprouts, are excellent sources of fiber.

Could you be exercising too much?

If you are burning calories by exercising frequently, the body may want to re-introduce those calories. Of course, this applies to high-intensity exercises. That’s why establishing a regular exercise routine also helps improve your overall health.

Are you on a liquid diet?

Liquid and solid foods affect your appetite in different ways. If you eat a lot of liquid foods, such as smoothies, meal replacement drinks, and soups, you may feel hungry more often than on days when you eat more solid foods. One of the most important reasons for this is that liquids pass through your stomach faster than solid food. For this reason, a faster digestion occurs. Don’t forget to include solid foods in your diet to avoid frequent hunger.

Are you eating too fast?

Various studies have shown that fast eaters have a greater appetite and a tendency to overeat at meals compared to slow eaters. Eating slowly and chewing thoroughly gives your body and brain more time to release anti-hunger hormones and transmit satiety signals.

January 5, 2022 admin

How to eliminate toxins with fruits?

Toxins can be found anywhere. They can be in the food we eat every day, in water, and even in certain medicines. They can also be produced by radiation or even by stress!

It is for this reason that it is necessary to clean our body in order to eliminate these toxins that may have accumulated in the body. Thanks to this technique, we can also improve our general health.

Sometimes you don’t have to look far; certain fruits can help our body to free itself from these harmful toxins. What a pleasure to cleanse your body with natural, accessible and above all very good products!


When performing cleansing treatment in the body, it is very common to suffer from dehydration. Watermelon contains a lot of water, and its sugar content is very low. This fruit is therefore perfect for properly cleaning the body without side effects. Watermelon also helps prevent certain cancers and it helps lower cholesterol levels.


Papaya is excellent for maintaining good digestion; it increases the production of pancreatic juices. Likewise, one of its components, called papain, is excellent for use as a purgative / laxative.


This fruit contains high amounts of monounsaturated fat. These are healthy fats that help lower cholesterol. Avocados also contain vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that can flush out toxins. Also, the potassium content of this fruit has the property of helping us to control depression. Finally, its folic acid content helps fight fatigue and exhaustion.


This fruit helps regulate bowel functions (in other words, it relieves constipation). Also, bananas help a lot with stress. Finally, the properties of this fruit help fight the symptoms caused by heartburn (too much acidity).


Grapefruit prevents many skin problems; this fruit allows a little more seine and young! It provides a good amount of vitamin C, essential for strengthening the immune system (it helps reduce the risk of colds and other infections). Finally, this fruit is very good for the digestive and urinary system.


Pineapple contains large amounts of bromelain, a substance very useful for the blood circulation, which also aids digestion.


Apples have the ability to stimulate both the liver and the kidneys. They effectively protect us against cardiovascular disease, and help the digestive system function properly. This reduces the risk of constipation or diarrhea. Its high content of acidic and neutral polymers helps us cleanse our body regulating cholesterol levels in the blood.


Strawberries are rich in antioxidants, phyto-nutrients, and vitamin C. Their soluble fiber is very helpful in controlling blood sugar levels. This fruit also helps control stress and reduce symptoms associated with menopause.


Oranges contain large amounts of phosphorus, which is very effective against stress and to prevent poisoning. The citric acid they contain is purifying. This fruit is therefore very effective for cleaning the digestive tract. Finally, orange is also a powerful disinfectant.

Remember that removing toxins from your body improves your quality of life. Your whole body will benefit from this cleansing, done in a simple and natural way.

January 2, 2022 admin

Personality Traits That Tell You If You Are Happy Or Not

Happiness is one of the most important demands that people strive for throughout their lives and wish to achieve. The definition of happiness varies from one person to another, some of them find that happiness is in self-realization and access to the highest positions, and others see it in collecting the largest amount of money or the acquisition of valuables. But happiness in fact is a person’s feeling of inner contentment and is not related to reaching something or achieving a goal, but rather it is about enjoying the journey of life, gratitude for what you have in addition to positivity and optimism no matter what happens to you. Do you really feel happy? From here, we invite you to look at and analyze the happy personality style and discover how you can acquire the happy personality traits. The answer you will find in the following lines.


happy personality traits

1- gratitude

Gratitude is essential to happiness. The happy person appreciates everything they have in life, and expresses their gratitude frankly and frequently.

2- Focus on the present

Happy people tend to live in the moment, they are not preoccupied with things they did in the past, and they are not constantly thinking about the future. You can think very positively about the future, but if you don’t focus on the present moment, you won’t be happy in the moment. Don’t let the past obsess you. Just focus on being happy now.

3- Having a sense of humor and fun

The happy character style is able to find humor in almost anything, laughter, and add fun in the ocean. It is clear that laughter is beneficial not only for your emotional health, but also for your physical and mental health, as it releases endorphins, helps you relax and helps you manage stress better. So if you want to be happier in your life, start laughing and smiling and surround yourself with others who appreciate humor.

4- Self-confidence

People who are happy in their lives tend to believe in their abilities and spend less time worrying and stressing about getting something done. So confidence is generally associated with happiness. Train yourself to be more confident by practicing positive thinking and remembering your skills rather than your mistakes.

5- Optimism and hope

Thinking positively and just believing that things will work out in the end will help you manage stress on a regular basis and think more positively about your current situation. A happy and optimistic woman rejects or completely prevents negative thoughts, trusts that every problem has a solution, and believes in its positive results. So, be optimistic and see the glass half full. In addition, be aware that anxiety and stress will not help you find solutions to everyday problems, but rather follow the faint light from the end of the dark tunnel.

6- Building successful personal relationships

Surround yourself with happy people, and people who improve your mood. By making yourself happy, you give something back to those around you.

7- Dealing with affection and kindness with others

This is one of the most important rules of a happy personality, which is that you deal with those around you with affection, kindness and mutual respect. This method will make you, in return, get the same good treatment that will bring you psychological satisfaction with your conditions and thus your feeling of contentment and happiness

December 28, 2021 admin

Healthy Living Rules

Healthy Living Rules – For a healthy life, you should have many rules and concepts in your mind, just do the following tips for healthy living :

1. Your body deserves to get adequate amounts of nutrients, so you should eat a variety of fresh food and stay away from anything processed.

These include: whole grains, lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat or fat-free dairy products.

It should also reduce the intake of foods that contain high amounts of fats, sugars and salt.

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2. You should get enough water to stay hydrated. Water is very beneficial for all body systems, especially the kidneys , liver and brain.

3. We must know how much you eat, and this helps you to detect the amount of calories in each type of food.

Using this plan, you will be able to calculate your body’s daily calorie needs, and then you can detect how much food you should eat each day.

4. Aerobic exercise is an important component. You should do sports or any other physical activity for at least ½ hour a day, 5 days a week.

Exercising has many benefits for your body because it will increase the heart rate, and thus pump blood to all parts of the body, and get muscle strength and give you additional strength and increase energy and activity.

5. You must be kept clean. Hygiene consists of many important elements which include: good hygiene, washing hands regularly to avoid bacterial infection, avoiding passive and active smoking, and avoiding poorly ventilated places.

6. Don’t be a victim of stress, you must make a balance between family, business and playtime. Organize your time

You must also get enough time to sleep; Sleeping hours should be at least 6 hours at night.

Also if you have any emotional or psychological problems, you should seek professional medical advice.

7. You should get your regular check-ups, this procedure is very important as a precaution.

It helps you diagnose medical problems at an early stage, which can be very useful in a treatment plan and avoid many future problems.

Rules of healthy life you’ve listed the health rules of life to coexist with simplified around us and get better healthy life share with the one you love