Awesome recommendation for weekend breakfast: Non-fat cooking recipe!


How about making non-fat cooking that you can both prepare quickly and is healthier than other dishes? The recipe for non-disturbing non-fat cooking, which you can consume with pleasure in your breakfast tables and tea hours, comes from Flavor editor Virgo Foreel…


In many parts of Anatolia, the bakery, known by names such as cola, bite, goat foot, dough fries, is a successful alternative to the rich morning breakfast made for the family. While small and cooked with the material found in every house is among the flavors that can be consumed every meal, it can be prepared in two different ways, fermented and unleavened.  It is also possible if you want to prepare non-fat pulling regrets. These regrets, which are soft and puffy puff, do not tire the stomach because they do not attract fat. If the paper pen is ready, we give the materials for the non-oil drawing bake. (After this recipe Unleavened baked recipe, Spoon pouring recipewhat you can look at )


Ingredients for Oil-Free Cook


1 egg

100 Ml milk

1 Tsp salt

10 G baking powder

2 Cups flour


For frying;Liquid oil




The bakery is a food made by cooking the bishi, suitcase, intestine, salty bite, ring, leavened dough in hot oil. It is found in Central Asian, Idel-Ural, Mongolian and Middle Eastern cuisines. In Anatolia, it is distributed to the neighbors by making a day of arife in general. The dish is usually eaten as a dessert with sugar, butter, jam or honey. They can be thought of as cookies or biscuits, and because they are fried, they are sometimes compared to buns.

The indispensable of weekend breakfasts: Non-fat cooking and step-by-step construction


1/Blend flour, baking soda and salt in a container.


2/Milk and eggs are whipped in a separate place and combined with the flour mixture.


3/The dough is rested for 10 minutes, then it is opened and the pieces of the desired size are cut.


4/It is fried in hot oil.


5/It is eaten plain or filled in. Forgiveness




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