3 Dietary Supplements That Health Experts Are Recommended For You too

In our efforts and efforts to pay attention to our lifestyle and diet, we often neglect to resort to nutritional supplements that further our primary goal of maintaining our health. In addition to their health benefits, nutritional supplements contribute a lot to the beauty routine, specifically to skin and hair care in all its details. Food is sometimes not enough for all of these things and to enjoy guaranteed results on the health as well as aesthetic level, and this is confirmed by health experts around the world. Therefore, we will offer you 3 nutritional supplements that experts agree on the importance of, so that they take them and recommend them to others, you also resort to them (of course, with a previous consultation from your doctor).



Vitamin D: Studies have shown that this vitamin helps the cells of the body respond to insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas. When the proportion of this vitamin in the body is low, the fat cells convert sugar into fat instead of releasing it in the body to be converted into energy. In addition, vitamin D deficiency causes osteoporosis and prevents the intestines from absorbing other nutrients, the most important of which are calcium and phosphorous. This vitamin also protects the body from the risk of heart attacks. From an aesthetic point of view, the benefits of vitamin D are countless: the lack of this vitamin supplement negatively affects the body’s absorption of vitamins A and C, which are responsible for the freshness and health of the skin. This deficiency will lead to dry skin, dark circles and pimples. Therefore, it is very important to get an adequate amount of this vitamin to rejuvenate cells and get fresh and clear skin

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Omega 3 supplements: It is known that this type of food supplement contributes to protecting the brain and improving its work, preventing mood swings and preventing Alzheimer’s disease. Omega-3 supplements are fatty acids that stimulate the body to lose weight by improving the relationship between the hormone leptin and the brain, thus reducing the appetite for food. From an aesthetic point of view, this food supplement plays an important role in fighting wrinkles and also prevents the appearance of pimples on the skin. In addition, omega-3 nourishes the hair follicles for strong and shiny strands.


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Probiotic supplements: Studies have shown that probiotics can improve the balance of bacteria in the skin, stimulate the skin’s immune system, repair its cells and boost collagen, which helps reduce the signs of aging. That’s not all, probiotics also contribute to providing the body with energy and relieving stress that is inevitable in daily life. In addition, research indicates that taking a probiotic supplement in the evening with dinner in conjunction with exercise for 12 weeks protects the body from digestive problems.

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These are the 3 nutritional supplements whose importance health experts agree on, and they recommend and resort to on their own. But always remember that this does not mean that nutritional supplements and other vitamins are not beneficial for health and beauty, but rather the issue is related to the needs of each person’s body, so we reiterate and stress the need to consult a doctor before taking any dietary supplement!

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