A non-surgical technique to get the Kardashian women’s buttocks tight and full

A favorite of the Kardashian/Jenner family, Dr. Simon Ourian, plastic surgeon has revealed a new technique for getting these women’s plumper and plumper butts. This technique was called No Scalpel Brazilian Butt Lift, and as its name indicates, it is far from surgery and gives the lady the butt of Brazilian women.

The effects of this technique are long-term and appear immediately, based on injecting fat that has been suctioned from a specific area of ​​the body or on dermal fillers in the buttocks under the influence of local anesthesia. Apart from incisions and implants, this step provides natural results, and Ourian says that it is an alternative for every woman who does not want to undergo a back implant but wishes to have an attractive butt shape for a long time; As for the pain, it is moderate to almost non-existent. This “operation” takes place in the doctor’s office in Beverly Hills and costs between 15 and 40 thousand. On the other hand, Dr. Orian warns of the dangers of silicone injections and the need to stay away from them. He says: If someone offers you to enhance the shape of your butt through these injections, do not accept even if he offers to offer you money for that, as you face the risk of aesthetic disfigurement and even death.

The announcement of this technique comes in light of the widespread popularity of buttock augmentation. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons named the “Back Segment Year” for 2015, in which every 30 minutes witnessed an operation on the buttocks, and the percentage of this surgery increased by 252%, according to a report of this association. On the other hand, studies have proven that men love a full butt for this scientific reason.

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