What you don’t know about facelift with threads

With the development of science, it has become possible to overcome the obsession with wrinkles and sagging thanks to a new procedure in face and neck lift.


Which is done using threads that do not make your face lose its natural expression, as in traditional operations.


Face and neck lift using threads is a unique procedure that uses a type of surgical thread that does not dissolve over time.


It is used to tighten and restore freshness to the face. It can also be used on the forehead and to lift the eyebrows, cheeks and neck area.


What distinguishes this process from other traditional methods?



Smokers or those suffering from diabetes can benefit from this advanced type of face and neck lift surgery.


This operation does not leave side effects, and its results are immediate and within hours after the operation is performed. The surgical opening does not exceed 2 cm and is hidden under the hair of the head.


In addition, it takes less time, as it takes 45 minutes compared to traditional surgeries that take more than 4 hours.


Women do not need general anesthesia, but local anesthesia is sufficient.


Therefore, it is suitable for a large portion of women who are afraid of being subjected to general anesthesia or whose health conditions do not allow it.


How much pain is during and after the procedure?



The woman does not feel any pain during the procedure, and after the procedure she feels a tightening of the facial skin, but there is no pain.


What are the results of this process?



The facial features do not change, but they become fresher and brighter, in addition to the appearance of a light and beautiful smile that indicates vitality and youth.


Sagging skin and wrinkles also disappear, fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth disappear, and the neck becomes firm and not flabby.


What is the appropriate age to use surgical threads to tighten facial wrinkles?



It can be applied at any age, but most cases range between the ages of thirty and fifty years.


Are there instructions that a woman must adhere to after undergoing this operation?


There are no instructions except not to wash the face or hair, as well as not to apply any powders or creams during the first two days after surgery.


Will this procedure outperform Botox and fillers?


It can be said that there is no conflict between performing this type of operation and injecting fillers or Botox, as they may sometimes complement each other.


For example, a woman can use fillers to fill some of the gaps in the face, then perform a facelift to get a lively and youthful face.

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