How to make a ginger skin mask

How to make a ginger skin mask




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Ginger, in its green and dried forms, is considered a multi-benefit plant. It strengthens the body’s immunity, treats viral diseases, and helps with weight loss, in addition to its cosmetic benefits, by using a ginger mask for the skin.


It is fun to use a ginger mask for the skin in two ways, depending on the quality of ginger available at home, and the details are as follows:


First: If dried and ground ginger is available at home, the ginger mask for the skin is as follows:


Bring a tablespoon of ginger powder and add a little cold water to it until the consistency of the mixture becomes like a cohesive dough. Then put the ginger mask on your skin after cleaning and drying it well and leave it for 20 minutes. You will feel a little stinging, but there is no need to be afraid because this is normal. Wash your skin with water. Cold after the specified period, dry it well, then pass a piece of cotton soaked in rose water over your skin.


Repeat the ginger skin mask twice a week to notice the impressive results of whitening and smoothness of the face after the second week, with the caveat that this mask is not suitable for those with sensitive skin.


Second: If fresh ginger is available at home, the ginger mask for the skin will be as follows:


Bring three slices of fresh ginger, clean your skin with warm water and soap, and dry it well. Then take a comfortable position, such as watching TV or listening to something, and rub your skin with fresh ginger pieces during this for half an hour or until you feel bored, and do not wash your face until 3 hours have passed. the operation.


Apply a fresh ginger skin mask whenever you have the opportunity to get rid of dead skin and achieve natural lightening, in addition to smoothness and sterilization, thus getting rid of pimples. This mask is suitable for all skin types.

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