Skin vitamins: their benefits


Vitamins which are organic compounds or set of molecules relevant from the same nutrients needed by the organism in small quantities to increase the sequel to the metabolism in a proper way inside the body, and are considered the vitamins of the essential nutrients that your body needs, and in this article, we will explore vitamins skin: its benefits and harms.

Vitamins skin

There are several vitamins that are important for the skin and are the following:

Vitamin A: vitamin A helps control the pigment melanin that contributes to the skin’s color and this type of vitamin helps stimulate the production of good skin cells, so Vitamin A is one of the vitamins that quickly replace sun-exposed and tanned skin cells with whiter cells.

Vitamin B: vitamin B is very important for the skin and is unlike other vitamins so that it contains many extracted compounds namely (B1-B2 – B3 – B5 – B6 – B7 – B9- Vitamin B11 is one of the best antioxidants that help increase blood flow in the skin and the body significantly and thus this vitamin helps delay the appearance of signs of aging, vitamin B2 is one of the vitamins that help get rid of acne, and for vitamin B5 works to reduce the formation of fatty oils on the skin and thus reduces the In cosmetology and especially products intended for oily skin, vitamin B is very important in the process of producing new skin cells to combat skin diseases.

Vitamin C: This vitamin is important for the skin as all cosmetologists advise to put products that contain the right amount of it, because it contains many benefits such as the protection of the skin from ultraviolet sunlight, which is harmful to the skin cells, and helps protect the skin from the strong sunlight that appears in the summer, as it works on the production of melanin It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and helps moisturize the skin.

Vitamin D: it is an important vitamin for the skin, as it works to reduce black spots, reduce the signs of inflammation of the skin, reduce the redness caused by sun sensitivity, help reduce the symptoms of psoriasis on the skin, help increase the hydration of the skin and prevent excessive dryness, vitamin D is known for the ability of the skin

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is one of the vitamins that contain a huge amount of antioxidants that work to reduce the damage caused by exposure to harmful sunlight, helps reduce and reduce the appearance of dark and black spots on the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, where studies have shown that the sebaceous glands present in the body work to produce

The benefits of vitamins for the skin

There are many benefits that vitamins offer to the skin, including:

Vitamins maintain skin elasticity by stimulating collagen production.

Vitamins prevent skin damage from sun exposure.

Vitamins maintain the level of antioxidants in the body.

Vitamins help reduce the appearance of aging.

Vitamins limit the appearance ofwrinkles and thin lines.

Vitamins maintain skin moisture.

Vitamins help improve the overall appearance of the skin.

Reduce vitamins from the damage of free radicals and prevent their formation.

Vitamins reduce oxidative stress in the skin.

Vitamins reduce skin infections.

Harm of vitamins to the skin

Some damage may occur when vitamins accumulate in the skin, such as:

The accumulation of vitamins in the body causes an increase in dry skin.

The accumulation of vitamin A in the body causes itching and the appearance of redness in the skin.

The accumulation of vitamins precipitates a large proportion of calcium, which is very harmful to skin health and increases the appearance of lumps in the skin.

The accumulation of vitamins increases hyperpigmentation and the skin may change to Brown.

Fluid may accumulate in the skin area it would have shown a difference in The Shape of the face.

The accumulation of vitamins in the body leads to a lack of copper, which is important for the skin.

How do we get the necessary vitamins for the skin

There are many ways in which various vitamins are obtained from them and they are as follows:

Sun exposure: the sun makes vitamin D important for the skin.

Drinking water: water is one of the best liquids that contain a large amount of vitamins that moisturize the skin.

Eat vegetables and fruits: the body and skin need a proper daily ration of vegetables that work to ensure sufficient amount of vitamins important to the skin and maintain its health, as green leafy vegetables contain important vitamins such as vitamin A and yellow and orange vegetables contain vitamin C.

Eating meat and fish: as these foods contain a large proportion of vitamins and amino acids that work to build skin tissue, as meat and fish contain vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D and vitamin C which are a valuable group for skin health.

Many girls are looking for effective ways to thicken eyebrows naturally instead of using lotions that cause hair loss, so we will tell you a set of recipes to help you in this.

Despite the emergence of a lot of artificial ways to thicken eyebrows such as eyebrow pencils, gel, mascara, and eyebrow tattoo, natural eyebrows will remain the most attractive, especially as they spread at the moment, so many girls have to rely on alternative ways to look thick eyebrows.

Tips to reduce eyebrow hair loss

There are some wrong habits that we follow unintentionally, and lead to hair loss eyebrows, so you should pay attention to the following things:

Do not overdo eyebrow hair removal: over time the eyebrows will become light, and their density can not be easily restored.

Eyebrow hair removal in medium light: doing eyebrow hair removal in strong light may make us remove more hair.

Do not press the eyebrows with a pen: the use of an eyebrow pencil exposes hair to fall out, and there are types of pens with chemicals that weaken the hair of the eyebrows, you should choose good and harmless types of hair.

Daily eyebrow combing: using a proper Eyebrow Brush, combing hair helps stimulate the capillaries, thereby increasing blood circulation and hair germination.

Combing also makes eyebrows look denser, and clearly shows you the excess hair that needs to be removed, as well as the primary hair that you should not get rid of.

Eat foods rich with biotin: the protein helps in hair growth, you should focus on eating eggs, avocados, salmon, peanuts, all natural cures for hair loss.

Eat foods that contain vitamin B and D: These vitamins are important for improving hair growth, and their deficiency is a major cause of hair loss, and vitamin B is found in meat, eggs, seafood, and dairy.

Vitamin D can be obtained through sun exposure, supplements, and certain foods such as mushrooms, oat flakes, orange juice, and fresh liver.

Natural recipes for intensifying eyebrows

How about taking advantage of the natural products you have available to get thick, natural-looking eyebrows in a little time? Here are the recipes.

Coconut oil: one of the important oils that help in germination hair, as it contains important vitamins to promote hair growth of the eyebrows.

It is recommended to warm the oil and then apply drops of it to the eyebrows and gently massage them for a few minutes, then leave them for as long as possible (they can be applied before bedtime and washed off in the morning).

Castor oil: castor oil contains the most important vitamins that help hair growth, as well as it is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that nourish the follicles.

In the same way, apply a few drops of it to the eyebrows, do a massage for them and then leave for a long time.

Onion juice: onion juice accelerates hair growth, as it contains sulfur that improves the production of collagen tissues important for healthy hair growth, and also strengthens hair follicles.

To apply onion juice to your eyebrows follow these steps:

Chop an onion and squeeze it out to get the juice out of it.

Apply onion juice to the eyebrows and begin to gently massage them.

Let it dry and then wash the eyebrows with cold water.

Repeat this recipe once a day to get quick results.

Aloe vera gel: Aloe vera gel (extracted from its leaves) helps nourish, grow and moisturize the hair, and also increases the smoothness of the skin, applying it to the eyebrows for 30 minutes and then rinsing it with cool water.

Lavender oil: lavender oil is the perfect solution to the problem of hair loss and stimulate their regrowth, and helps in improving the overall condition of the hair.

Apply drops of it to the eyebrows, massage the area a little and leave it on the eyebrows for an hour, then rinse thoroughly, this recipe can be repeated on a daily basis.

Sawtooth plant: it is one of the best herbs ever for hair growth and intensification, especially with increasing age and weak hair, and this plant is available in the form of gel capsules, we apply this gel to the area of the eyebrows and let it for an hour until absorbed by the skin, and then wash it thoroughly.

These capsules can also be taken as a dietary supplement, but you should consult a doctor first.

Milk and honey mix: both honey and milk contain vitamins, proteins and elements very important for hair growth, and to apply the recipe put a little milk on a spoon honey and massage the eyebrows with them, repeat the recipe twice a day to grow eyebrows and increase their density faster.

Vaseline: Vaseline helps to moisturize the skin and hair, and with the use of it for a month you will notice that your eyebrows have become more dense, as a little Vaseline is applied to each eyebrow, leave the period of the night and then rinse when you wake up with lukewarm water.

Fenugreek seeds: fenugreek seeds are known to make hair look healthy and dense, rebuild damaged hair follicles, as they contain nicotinic acid and proteins that stimulate hair growth, and can be used twice a day for effective results, here’s how:

Soak fenugreek seeds in water for a night, grind them into a paste and apply to the eyebrows for 30 to 45 minutes, rinse with warm water.