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What are the dangers of long sitting in front of the computer?

What are the dangers of long sitting in front of the computer?



A number of doctors have concluded that it is dangerous to sit incorrectly in front of the computer, as this causes many health problems in the body’s functions, which later lead to many diseases, according to medical research published by The Washington Post.


Continuous medical reports confirm every time that sitting for long periods of time causes a series of health problems, affecting a person from the top of the head to the toes, which may appear later, starting with the brain, whose activity slows down once sitting for long periods, as movement stimulates the pumping of blood into it. Activating stimulating hormones to improve mood.


Then the cervical vertebra in the neck suffers from permanent imbalances, especially causing pain in the muscles connecting the neck and shoulders, all the way to the spine, the basic pillar of the human body. It is also susceptible to damage when there is a lack of movement, which leads to the hardening of the collagen material that supports the movement of tendons and ligaments. It also leads to damage to the last vertebra of the spine.


The matter does not stop there, but it leads to the accumulation of fatty acids, high blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, which cause several heart diseases.


Doctors also discovered that one of the causes of diabetes is sitting for long periods as a result of the muscles not responding to insulin secreted by the pancreas.


As for the legs, they will suffer from weakness due to blood circulation disorders. Sitting leads to the accumulation of fluids that cause swelling in them, and thus the development of varicose veins or blood clots in the legs. Also, lack of movement causes weak bones, which leads to their fragility.


To avoid contracting these diseases, doctors advise sitting upright, which depends on not leaning forward, placing the elbow at a ninety-degree angle, placing the arms near the sides, supporting the last area in the back, and finally placing the foot flat on the ground.

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