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Cranberries are useful in dissolving fat

Cranberries are useful in dissolving fat. Cranberries contain polyphenols that work to dissolve and break down harmful body fats. A Finnish medical study that focused on the health aspects of the types of foods that are useful in dissolving and removing harmful fats from the body stated that cranberries are one of the most important types of fruits that are very useful in this matter due to the fact that they contain It contains polyphenols that chemically interact with excess fats until they break them down and expel them from the body. The study conducted at the Medical Research Center at the University of Eastern Finland showed that the effectiveness of cranberries was demonstrated after a period of three months, resulting in a good balance in fat levels, as medical tests showed. Its presence in the body at the required rates, not in excess, means that the benefit of cranberries is excellent for maintaining ideal weight. Among the health benefits that research has also shown is that cranberries have proven effective in controlling blood glucose levels and are therefore also beneficial in preventing and controlling diabetes if It is present through the acidity compounds it contains and is clearly evident in its distinctive taste and flavour. It has also been shown that cranberries are excellent foods for controlling high blood pressure and preventing the causes that lead to its occurrence by reducing fats and their negative consequences of cholesterol, which lead to blockage of the arteries and veins, which is the main reason for this. A previous American medical study had investigated the health benefits of polyphenols, also called anthocyanins, which Cranberries were distinguished by their very dark blue color, which showed that the level of improvement in the decrease in levels of fatty compounds for those who regularly consumed them exceeded 75 percent after six months of starting.

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