Vitamin C mixture to lighten the knees

Are you looking for mixtures that help you lighten and soften your knees? Do you have a problem

Blackening of your knees and your experiences did not succeed in treating it? Don’t worry, we have a mixture for you

Vitamin C for the knees that makes you get the best results through it, and the details are below, so follow us!


Ingredients for the Vitamin C Knee Mix:

Red Glysolid Cream, 125 ml.


A cup of fresh natural lemon juice.


– A quarter cup of bitter almond oil.


Two tablets of effervescent vitamin C.





How to prepare a vitamin C mixture for knees:


Mix glycerol with bitter almond oil well.


Dissolve two vitamin tablets with lemon juice.


Mix the juice with the glysolide and the oil well.


Put it in a clean box and close it, then shake the box well.


– Put the box in the refrigerator, and it is recommended to use it within one week only, so that you prepare a new mixture every week with the same ingredients and method of preparation.


How to use the vitamin C mixture for the knees:

Take a hot shower at night, then dry your knees well and apply a generous amount of the mixture.


In the morning take a hot bath to clean the remnants of the mixture and rub the knees with a rough loofah, then the skin is dried well and the knees are greased with a small amount of


Baby oil.

Repeat the application of the vitamin C mixture to whiten and soften the knees daily to get the impressive results quickly, and tell us what do you think of it?