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Get rid of forehead wrinkles for a more youthful and radiant complexion - Care Beauty

Get rid of forehead wrinkles for a more youthful and radiant complexion

With the passage of time, some expressions such as sadness, frowning, or constantly raising the eyebrows may lead to the appearance of forehead wrinkles faster than you can imagine, so here are the best ways to get rid of them.


1- Use foundation:


Make sure to get a foundation that reduces imperfections, which contains mica particles that reflect light from your facial lines well, which significantly reduces the appearance of your facial imperfections and wrinkles.




2- Quick and simple home remedy:


Daily, after washing your face well, apply a light layer of medical Vaseline on the forehead area while it is still moist, then massage it very well so that the skin absorbs it and you no longer feel the texture of Vaseline on your forehead and leave it on all night. It makes it less visible and treats it in the long run.







3- Use an anti-wrinkle cream:


As soon as any wrinkles appear on your forehead, immediately buy a moisturizing cream rich in retinol and collagen, specialized in treating wrinkles, and keep using it to treat and reduce the appearance of those wrinkles.




4- Medical intervention:

If your wrinkles are very visible and their condition is present, then you may have to consider the medical solution and resort to Botox, as it is one of the best medical solutions available to get rid of forehead wrinkles and re-tighten the skin, and because it prevents the forehead muscles from movement, which reduces the worsening of the condition of wrinkles, and it is preferable to resort to types of Botox mixed with Retinol to end the problem Wrinkles on the surface and also in depth.