Learn about the top 8 health benefits of fasting

Fasting has many benefits for a person, as it helps him to control himself, reduce bad habits, and draw closer to God. However, the benefits of fasting are not limited to the spiritual and psychological aspects, but also include health benefits. Here are 8 health benefits of fasting that you should know:


1- Helps remove toxins from the body:


Toxins are found everywhere around us, in the air and food as a result of the chemical processes and reactions that take place within the body, and many of these toxins are stored in body fat, and during fasting those fats are burned, which helps to get rid of toxins.


2- It benefits the digestive system:


Fasting relaxes the digestive system and helps maintain fluid balance in the body. During the month of Ramadan, some people are forced to change a number of their bad habits, such as reducing smoking and drinking coffee, which greatly affect the stomach and digestive system.


3- Helps treat infections and allergic diseases:


Some studies have shown that fasting helps treat infections, some allergic diseases, arthritis, and skin diseases such as psoriasis.


4- It reduces blood sugar levels:


Fasting helps break down glucose, which reduces insulin production, thus relaxing the pancreas, which ultimately leads to lower blood sugar levels.


5- Helps burn fat:


As we said, fasting helps break down glucose, which facilitates the burning of fats to produce the energy needed for the body, especially the fats stored in the kidneys and muscles.


6- It treats high blood pressure:


Fasting is the most important natural way to lower blood pressure levels, as it helps reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, and reduces metabolic rates and hormone levels such as adrenaline, which helps lower blood pressure levels.


7. Promotes healthy eating habits:


As medical studies indicated that fasting reduces the desire to eat processed foods and fast food, and enhances the desire to eat healthy foods.


8. Boosts the immune system:


As we mentioned earlier, fasting helps to get rid of body toxins and fats and promotes healthy eating habits in people, thus it greatly enhances the immune system.

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