Moisturizing cream and olive oil are best for taking care of your nails

Beauty expert Salma Mostafa offers a number of nail care tips through

A number of easy and simple steps, as it is recommended to drink plenty of water

daily, because this helps to moisturize the entire body, and it also moisturizes

Nails too, and she adds, “Milk is very beneficial for nail growth and helps to strengthen them.




As eating one glass of milk a day is considered a treatment for nails.


The beauty expert points out that it is possible to do a pedicure for nails at home

By wiping the nails with a cotton ball soaked in olive oil, or moisturizing cream, then it is done

Trimming nails with a “cooler” or removing dead skin, warning against excessive nail polish

Using acetone nail polish remover, as it causes brittle nails, as well

She warns against using nails as a tool to do anything, as most women do, and stresses

“This is absolutely incorrect behavior because it causes the nails to become brittle.”

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