How do you get bronze skin without exposure to the sun?!

Most women go to swimming pools and expose their skin to the scorching sun, which alone contributes, if we exclude, of course, the solarium, to achieving the goal that all women aspire to, which is a dark skin that increases their brilliance and attractiveness. And since most women want to gain bronze skin as quickly as possible, we offer you some useful steps that you can do at home:
• Resorting to preparing a mixture of masks to which ground coffee or cocoa is added. This method not only helps to darken the skin, but also contributes to cleaning it.
• All kinds of food or juice that contain carrots that will give your skin a charming golden color. Perhaps the carotene found in carrots, to which the orange color is attributed, is the main ingredient that contributes to giving the skin a bright pink color, as well as other health benefits that it provides to the skin in general.
• Put eight tablespoons of chamomile herb in a bowl containing a liter of boiling water. Close the container tightly and then leave the mixture for two hours. Strain the mixture and use it on your skin every morning.
• Squeeze a little lemon and put the content in a glass of water. Mix them well and pass the mixture on your skin softly by massaging it on the areas you want to tan, before you go to the beach.

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