how do you treat burning scars on the skin

Many women suffer when there are some traces of burns on the skin, and they make more effort to treat and hide them, and resort to using a bleaching cream to treat the remaining effects, and these bleaches may contain chemicals that cause skin irritation, so we offer you some tips on how to treat burns in a natural way and Skin care tips.
The first thing you should wash your face with cold water and avoid using soap or any other washing solution.
You should massage the burned area with an ice cube to soothe the burn and make you feel less pain. You can use aloe vera gel with an ice cube, the gel not only relieves bleaching burns but also helps in taking care of scars.
You should not expose your face to sunlight and white skin may itch in reaction to radiation and sweat and get more damage, then you clean the face with cotton soaked in cold milk.
You should wash your face regularly with coconut water, as it is the best treatment for bleaching burns, and coconut water prevents bleaching scars from appearing and heals them quickly.
You should drink pumpkin juice or cucumber juice so that the body is sufficient with water and cleanses the skin internally

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