The US Vaccine Committee approves the Moderna vaccine, and the FDA recommends that it quickly be licensed


A panel of US Food and Drug Administration experts recommended the use of a coronavirus vaccine developed by the pharmaceutical company Moderna, just days after the first doses of the Pfizer dose began appearing across the country and in people’s arms on Monday.

In the vote, the 20-member Vaccines and Biological Products Advisory Committee agreed that a vaccine should be provided to help fight the Corona virus, which has killed more than 307,000 Americans.

FDA approval for our supplier’s vaccine

According to a report by the New York Post, the US Food and Drug Administration is expected to quickly give the green light to obtain permission for emergency use of the ring, according to the committee’s recommendation that the benefits of the Moderna vaccine outweigh the risks to those aged 18 years and over.

The recommendation came after 7 hours of discussion about vaccine safety and efficacy, including an analysis of details of our modernization study and follow-up plans, during an expert panel meeting Thursday.

“The evidence that has been studied in great detail for this vaccine far outweighs any of the problems we have seen,” said Dr. Hayley Janz of Stanford University Medical Center.

And last Tuesday, the FDA released a report stating that Moderna’s two-dose regimen was confirmed in a clinical trial to be 94% effective and was particularly effective against severe diseases, and the report said it did not cause major safety problems.

Like the Pfizer vaccine, the side effects of the Moderna vaccine include fever, fatigue and muscle pain, and both vaccines use a similar technique and each requires two doses separately for several weeks. However, experts warn that the doses are not identical.

“I will not necessarily assume that the reactions will be the same,” said Chief Medical Officer of Moderna, Dr. Tal Sachs.

The review by experts in infectious diseases, epidemiology, and immunology gained additional significance after a health worker in Alaska was hospitalized after experiencing a serious allergic reaction to the Corona vaccine from Pfizer, and the person, who was believed to have suffered from an allergic reaction similar to two patients in UK, get sick.

The company said last week that the federal government has also ordered a total of 200 million doses of Moderna so far, and about 20 million are expected to have been delivered by the end of December.