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Belly Melting Herbal Oil Mask

Belly Melting Herbal Oil Mask






1 Teaspoon of Rosemary Oil


1 Teaspoon of Orange Oil


Stretch film


Preparation and application:


Mix the ingredients in a small bowl.


Apply the mixture to the belly area by massaging.


Wrap your belly with stretch film.

Wait 30 minutes.


Wash your body by taking a shower with plenty of warm water.




You can get rid of belly fat with this method, which you will apply 2-3 times a week.


We recommend you use it regularly for 1-2 months.


This herbal oil mixture, which melts belly fat and is good for cellulite, will be more effective if you apply it after exercise.


It is very important to massage when applying such masks. Because with massage, you will ensure the breakdown of fatty tissue.


You can also use this mask on the hip and leg areas.


Rosemary oil and orange oil help eliminate cellulite and belly fat by stimulating the circulation in the lymphatic system. They also affect blood circulation. Thus, they contribute to the reduction of swelling and edema in the body, making the skin look younger and more dynamic.

Do not hesitate to try this mask, which will come to the rescue of those who want to stay young for a long time.

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