The ten biggest habits that destroy the mind and brain

The ten biggest habits that destroy the mind and brain


1- Not eating breakfast


People who don’t eat breakfast will have lower blood sugar


This leads to an insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain


Causing decomposition of brain tissue.



2- Overeating

This causes hardening of the brain’s arteries, which leads to a lack of mental strength


3- Smoking

Smoking causes double atrophy of the brain, which leads to Alzheimer’s disease.


4- Increase consumption of sugars


Consuming too much sugar disrupts the absorption of proteins and nutrients


Causing nutritional deficiency and may affect brain development



5- Air pollution

The brain is the largest organ in the human body that consumes oxygen

. Inhaling polluted air reduces the supply of oxygen to the brain, causing a decrease in brain efficiency


6- Sleep deprivation

Sleeping allows the brain to relax

. Prolonged sleep deprivation will accelerate the death of brain cells


7- Cover the head while sleeping


Sleeping with your head covered increases the concentration of carbon dioxide and reduces the concentration of oxygen


This may lead to devastating effects on the brain



8- Brain stress during illness

Working hard or studying while the disease is present may lead to a decrease in brain efficiency as well as damage


9- Loss of motivating thoughts. Thinking is considered the best way to exercise the brain

. The lack of motivating thoughts for his work may cause brain atrophy.


10- Scarcity of speech


Intellectual conversations will enhance brain effectiveness



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