What are the causes of liver cancer?

The incidence of liver cancer in Egypt has recently increased, as studies confirm that Egypt has become at the forefront of countries in the world in terms of infection rates. What are the causes of liver cancer? How can we prevent it?


Dr. Wael Safwat, public health advisor and specialist in internal medicine, digestive system and liver diseases, explained to us that one of the most common causes leading to liver cancer is infection with one of the hepatic viruses, especially hepatitis C virus and before that schistosomiasis.

The incidence of liver cancer in Egypt is high due to the spread of the C virus in Egypt, as it is number one around the world in infection rates.

He pointed out that liver cancer may also occur as a result of one of the infections that occur in the liver, and it may also occur due to alcohol addiction, which is devastating to the human liver.


Dr. Wael stated that there are some contributing factors that, if present with the main causes of liver infections, liver cancer may occur.

Among these contributing factors are obesity and chronic diseases such as diabetes, as well as incorrect exposure to radiation for long periods of time, which alters the liver’s functional path.


Also, following a healthy diet and paying attention to eating fresh vegetables, especially those that kill toxins in the body, reduces liver stress and increases the cells’ ability to work adequately.

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