Food habits that cause obesity in children

Many children suffer from the problem of obesity, and parents are always bothered by this matter because they want their children to have ideal weights, and for this they may do some wrong things that may cause harm to the souls of their children and not reach them to the desired matter. Some parents may make their children follow a system A diet contrary to what they follow, and this may make them feel that they are persecuted, or even make them engage in types of exercise that they may hate in the end. Below we present to you some nutritional habits that must be followed or avoided in order for your child to enjoy an ideal weight and get rid of his obesity. >

>- Try to make all family members eat the same food that your child eats and eat >

>All food together at the same time, this would make your child feel that he is not oppressed or not.>

>He can eat the same food that you eat from him, and this method, despite its strangeness, is successful>




Very effective in reducing childhood obesity rates.


> – Make sure that you cook all the meals that your child eats and do not make him choose the foods that >

>He will eat it himself, so choose vegetables, whole grains, milk and dairy products, and your child may not like these>

> Foods at the beginning, but you can offer them indirectly or as a way for him to rise >

>by trying it.>

> And from the indirect methods, make animal shapes out of vegetables and fruits and take them with you >

>When you buy it and make him help you to prepare it, this will make him excited about me>

> try it.>

>- Make the time you watch TV less, because your child imitates you and will remain hunched over by your side, and you can do this if>

> You find some other kinetic activities such as drawing, cycling and others, and you may find it at the beginning >

>It’s just that your child doesn’t like it and wants to watch more TV, but eventually he’ll get used to it>

> He will love his new activities.>

>- If your child wants to eat sweets or some other food, do not rebuke him or deprive him of them, but make him

> He eats it, but on the condition that he does not eat too much of it

>Have some fruit, and you yourself should reduce the purchase of sweets and leave them at home.>

>- Help your child overcome some of the pressures he is exposed to, as the bad psychological state is >

>One of the causes of obesity and weight gain, so challenge him about what happened in his school or what bothered him in terms of behavior>

> A specific member of the family and allow him to practice his favorite sport, such as football, because practicing >

> Sport relieves mental stress.

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