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Make your own sunscreen lotion with natural ingredients

During the summer, the sun’s rays become your skin’s number one enemy. With direct and continuous exposure to the sun, summer tans, dark spots, and fine lines that later turn into permanent wrinkles appear on your skin. Therefore, all dermatologists advise the importance of using sunscreen on a regular basis to overcome the effects of ultraviolet radiation, which exposes the skin to severe damage.


>However, most types of sunscreens available in the market contain a percentage of harsh chemicals on the skin, in addition to >

> to its high cost. And there are many recent studies that confirmed that 75% of the types of sunscreens contain it




> Percentage of toxic components that may cause skin cancer.>

Here’s how to prepare sunscreen with simple natural ingredients: >


>Necessary components:>

>½ cup of olive oil>

>½ cup of coconut oil>

<¼ cup of beeswax>

>2 capsules of zinc oxide (available in pharmacies)>

>2 capsules of vitamin E oil>

>Which essential oil do you prefer?>


Preparation steps:

>1- Mix all ingredients except zinc oxide in a deep glass bowl, and bring to a boil over medium heat in a double boiler or

A hot water bath.

2- When the ingredients are completely melted, stir well and remove from heat.>

3- Zinc oxide is added after that with good stirring.

4- The resulting mixture should be kept in a suitable container in a cool place. It is suitable for use up to 6 months.

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