Smart ways to avoid body acne during the summer

Everyone is waiting for the summer due to its many joyful things and its association with bright clothes, holidays, etc., but the high temperatures sometimes lead to profuse sweating and the emergence of various problems in the skin and skin, which causes inconvenience to many girls and women. And sweat is a healthy thing for the skin, as it maintains the body temperature in order to be balanced, but if the sweat accumulates on the skin, it leads to the growth of bacteria and fungi, which causes clogged pores, and this in turn leads to the emergence of pimples, itching and sensitivity. Therefore, we offer you what Here are some tips to avoid acne on your skin during the summer. >


>- Take a shower twice a day>




> This would rid you of the sweat and bacteria that have accumulated on your body, and this would prevent the appearance of pimples in the body >

>Especially in the areas of the back and buttocks, and you can clean yourself using shower gel or soap designed to combat >

>Bacteria and grains.>


>- Exfoliate your body>

>Exfoliate your body to get rid of dead skin cells and impurities that stuck to it in order to open up its pores, and this is because sweat>

> It exposes you to the appearance of pimples, as it makes the dead skin that your body gets rid of every day accumulate on the surface of your skin, and this >

> Dead cells are what bacteria and fungi feed on, which leads to their accumulation on your body, and thus the rash appears >

>Also in some cases.>


>- Dry some areas of the body>

>There are some areas of your body that need to be kept dry, and they contain a large number of thyroid glands, such as >

> The forehead, genital areas, and the underarm area, and if these areas are not dry, they will be exposed to the appearance of pimples in them, and you can >

> To spray a special powder to absorb sweat to solve this problem.>



>- Wear loose clothes. >

>Be sure to wear loose clothes because they reduce the amount of sweat secreted by the body and allow your skin to breathe freely >

Tight clothes do not do this, as they prevent sweat from evaporating and prevent air from entering your body, which leads to accumulation.

> Bacteria, fungi, and the appearance of the smell of sweat, in addition to that they are rubbing against your body, which increases the possibility of infection >

>sensitive skin.>


>- Avoid some foods >

>Do not eat some foods that lead to the appearance of pimples on your skin, which are foods that contain saturated fats>

And spicy foods, sugars, and foods that are not easily digested by the body.>



>- Eat vegetables and fruits >

>Make sure to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, as this will give your skin purity and health.>


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