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The most popular ways to lengthen and strengthen nails in a week

Nails increase the beauty of a woman’s hands and give her a sense of femininity and calm whenever she looks at her hands, unlike weak and easy to break nails, as they disturb a woman’s mood, making her take great precautions to prevent breakage while carrying out house tasks, which contributes to causing anxiety and fear for that woman.



2- Causes of weak and broken nails in women:



The causes of weak nails for women include:


Lack of some substances or stimulants of nail growth, such as proteins.


Not eating balanced and healthy foods that contribute to the strengthening and growth of nails.


Not dealing well with it, nails are sensitive like the rest of the body, they must be taken care of.


Excessive use of nail polish and nail polish remover or the use of artificial nails. These products contain chemicals and industrial materials that negatively affect the nails and make them weak and easy to break.



3- Recipes and tips on how to lengthen and strengthen nails:



Therefore, in this article, in which we talk about the method of nail extension and strengthening, we will show you two recipes or two natural masks to take care of the growth and strengthening of your nails in the medium term.



1-3- First description:


In this mask we will need:


– Yolk of one egg, where the yolk works to extend the nails with proteins.


A tablespoon of water.


A tablespoon of natural honey that moisturizes the nail clot, in addition to its great benefits in destroying harmful bacteria.


A quarter of a teaspoon of lavender oil is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.



+ How to prepare the mask:


We mix all the ingredients that we mentioned well, then put the mixture on the nails and the surrounding area, then leave the mask for about a quarter of an hour, then wash with warm water.


We do the mask once a week until you get the desired results.



2-3- The second recipe:


Coconut oil, coconut restores the vitality and beauty of the nails that were lost as a result of using chemicals such as dyeing nails or not taking care of them enough, as coconut oil works on:


Strengthening and lengthening nails quickly and prevents them from breaking.


Paying attention to the skin that surrounds the nails, as it moisturizes the skin and protects it from cracking and saves you from skin tags.


– Get rid of fungi and bacteria accumulated around the nails.


– Nourishes and tightens the skin around the nails.



+ How to prepare the mask:


Warm the raw virgin coconut oil in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds and then massage the nails and skin around them daily before bed until the results appear.



4- Important tips to maintain healthy nails and the way to lengthen and strengthen nails:


Eat healthy and balanced foods.


Do not use nail polish remover frequently.


Stay away from artificial materials that harm the nails and skin of the hands.


Always keep your hands clean and dry to prevent bacterial growth.


Protect your hands from the sun.


Use a moisturizer for the hands.


Feeding nails regularly.


Wearing gloves during household chores such as washing utensils or approaching industrial materials.

Not using your hands to open things or biting them with your mouth.

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