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4 amazing natural ingredients that help you close large pores

Wide pores are a common problem for many young women, not only because they leave an unaesthetic look on the face, but they allow dirt and dust to enter the skin, which helps the appearance of pimples, pimples and many other problems. So we gathered you in my lady. Net, natural materials that help close large pores.

Ice cubes help you greatly to close large pores, use them after doing a lot of natural mixtures, and you can use them by placing the cube inside a cotton cloth, and passing it on your face

For 10 minutes, but the skin must be clean, so as not to block the pores on the dirt.

Rose water plays a big role in closing the pores. After a long stressful day, rinse your face well with water and your own lotion, then pass a cotton pad moistened with rose water on your skin and let it dry. In this case, it is preferable to use white rose water, because it is more effective than rose water. In rose colour.

Lemon is very effective in closing large pores. At first, you can make a mask for the skin, preferably containing natural oils, such as olive oil. Then, after rinsing your face with water, put lemon on your skin with a cotton swab, leave it for 5 minutes, then rinse your face with water.


– vinegar is also a catalyst in closing large pores, and getting rid of dirt and germs, and you will use it in the same way that you will adopt with lemon, because both of them are acids, we do not want to cause sensitivity to the skin.

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