If you notice the presence of excess hair on the abdomen and this bothers you a lot. And you want to get rid of it easily because it makes the belly appear ugly, especially when wearing a swimsuit. Some people may resort to shaving the excess hair on the abdomen because it makes the hair grow again, coarser and darker. In order to get rid of excess hair, you must use hair growth inhibitors.


Steps to remove excess hair on the abdomen:

Here we will present some traditional steps that some do not know about to remove belly hair, and then we will present effective mixtures and recipes for the final elimination of belly hair.

The first step before everything: Consult the doctor about the excess hair on the body resulting from a pathological condition, which is “hirsutism” means a lot of hair growth, and it can affect both men and women, but it is more among women. The doctor may prescribe you an efloranthin cream that contains 13% of hydrochloric acid, which works to prevent hair from growing again. The Medical Research Institute report states that if you do not have excessive hair growth, you can remove it with wax or laser.

Peeling creams: making a peeling cream to reduce hair growth. You can buy a product from a cosmetics store or make a peeling cream at home yourself by mixing olive oil, brown sugar, and making a paste, then massaging the abdomen with this mixture in a circular motion and leaving it for a while before washing it off. With water, this method peels light hair and removes it if it is continued because the hair in that area is light and can be removed by rubbing only.

Use wax:  You can remove excess hair on the abdomen with wax if the hair is 1/8 inch long so that the wax works effectively. Waxing may be one of the best ways to get rid of hair from the roots instead of cutting it by shaving. Prepare the wax by heating it in the microwave until it becomes a little liquid, then applying the wax to the abdomen in the direction of hair growth, then placing a piece of cloth on the wax and pressing hard, then removing the cloth in the opposite direction of hair growth. You will notice tremendous results and leave the skin smooth. Here you can read ways to get rid of excess hair

Oxygen water and peeling powder: As an alternative to all of that, you can not remove belly hair and just dye it with oxygen water and peeling powder, and with time you will reduce this hair instead of removing it and helping it to grow prominent again.

Pumice stone  for rubbing hair: You can use a pumice stone to exfoliate light hair and remove it from the abdominal area, but beware of rubbing the stone hard on your abdomen so as not to get an allergy in that area because it is an area where the skin is very sensitive. Repeat using this stone with every shower and you will notice that with time This hair has disappeared permanently. “Note” This method does not work with thick or heavy hair. Only use it if your belly hair is somewhat light or medium.

Home mixtures that help you remove excess hair on the abdomen:

Raw papaya mixture: 

Papaya works to break the hair follicles and stop hair growth. It reduces the appearance of belly hair and skin peeling, thus giving a soft texture to the abdomen. Therefore, you can use papaya to get rid of excess hair in the abdomen through the following steps:

Make a papaya paste by mixing equal amounts of papaya and turmeric together and massaging the stomach with it and leaving it for 20 minutes before washing. There is also another mixture of papaya, which is to mix raw papaya, turmeric, aloe vera gel, mustard oil, and mix them well together to make Fish paste. Put the paste in the opposite direction of hair growth and leave the mixture for 20 minutes on the abdomen before washing it and then applying the moisturizing cream.

Turmeric mixture: Turmeric is a good way to get rid of excess hair on the abdomen. And that is by making a paste of turmeric and milk, then applying it to the abdomen, leaving it to dry and washing it with warm water. You can add flour to this mixture.

Lemon and sugar mixture: You can make a mixture of lemon and sugar to get rid of excess hair on the abdomen by mixing lemon peels, sugar and lemon juice together and applying it to the abdomen in order to control hair growth. Leave the mixture for 15 minutes to dry and rub it before washing.

Sugar, lemon and honey: This mixture is similar to making sweets at home and is one of the natural products for removing excess belly hair. You can make this mixture by heating lemon, sugar and honey together to make a cohesive dough. Then put a little starch powder on the abdomen before applying the mixture in the direction of hair growth, then put a piece of cloth and press it until it sticks to the mixture, then tighten it in the opposite direction of hair growth. This process may be a little painful, but it is very effective.

Make an egg mask: When mixing eggs, sugar, and corn starch together, then apply them to the stomach, and when it dries, pull it against the direction of hair growth.

Potato and lentil mixture: Potatoes help with natural bleaching, then mix them with honey and Ayurveda to make a cohesive paste and leave them overnight. You can add honey and lemon to this mixture and leave it on the stomach and rub it with your fingers before washing it.

Banana and oatmeal mask: A mixture of bananas and oats is useful in removing excess hair and treating dry skin

Molasses and lemon: The mixture of molasses and lemon together is a wax that removes excess hair on the abdomen. Put sugar in the microwave with molasses or dark corn syrup and leave it for a few minutes until it melts, then add lemon juice and apply it to the stomach and leave it to dry and tighten the mixture in the opposite direction of hair