The best simple aesthetic treatments to overcome the effects of aging

Proper skin care is one of the first steps to help you overcome acne The effects of aging and maintaining a more youthful and vibrant appearance. I don’t need

To use expensive expensive cosmetics to take care of your skin and to mask

Disadvantages, there are many simple aesthetic treatments that you can get




Get fresh, more attractive skin easily in your home. Here are the best inexpensive beauty treatments to take care of your skin and combat the effects of premature aging.


1- Milk for soft and elastic skin


Use milk to maintain the smoothness and elasticity of your skin, as it contains a large percentage of fat, protein, biotin, vitamin A, D and other nutrients necessary for skin youthfulness.


With the regular use of milk to cleanse the skin, this helps to calm skin infections and get rid of dark spots while restoring the freshness and vitality of your skin.


Use a piece of cotton soaked in cold milk to clean your skin in the morning instead of using commercial skin cleansers.


Milk also contains lactic acid, which helps exfoliate the skin to get rid of traces of dead skin and maintain smooth, more elastic skin.





2- Lemon to remove dark brown spots


Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C and potassium, which help fight free radicals and protect the skin from damage.


Use a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice to massage the brown spots and freckles to help remove them and lighten the skin color.


3- Tea to remove dark circles


One of the effective ingredients that tea contains is caffeine, which helps to contract the tiny blood vessels that appear under the skin in the lower eye area.


With the effects of exhaustion and staying up late for late periods, dark circles appear as a result of the expansion of those blood vessels below the eyes. To get rid of it, use the cooled tea bags over your eyes for 20 minutes


Minutes, this will help you get rid of the appearance of dark circles while restoring the natural radiance.


4- Egg whites to treat eye wrinkles


Whisk the egg white to a creamy texture, then dip a piece of cotton in it and use it on the eyelids and the outer corners of the eye.


Leave for an hour, then wipe well and rinse with cold water. Egg whites are one of the best natural remedies that help tighten the skin and restore its elasticity.


5- Sodium bicarbonate for teeth whitening


The secret to a bright smile is white teeth. Use a little baking soda to brush your teeth once a week.


This works to get rid of the yellow pigmentation on the teeth without damaging the tooth enamel.