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Chocolate and banana drink to burn belly fat

Medical studies have shown that eating dark chocolate specifically helps burn fat The fat stored around the belly area is what encourages many addicts

Chocolate I have to eat dark chocolate while they are dieting

Diet that aims to burn body fat. The carebeauty Woman Magazine presents to you, Madam, a method of making dark chocolate drink to burn belly fat. This drink




It contains 193 calories and contains an appropriate percentage of non-fat

Saturated, which helps to enhance the feeling of satiety and eliminates the desire to eat

the food.


the components:


2 tablespoons of cocoa


Half a cup of skim milk


Half a banana


2 teaspoons white honey “to taste”





How to prepare:


1- Beat the ingredients in a blender after adding the ice cubes


2- Pour the mixture into a suitable cup to eat and get rid of belly fat without feeling the urge to eat chocolate.

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