Sweating Botox

What is Botox for sweating?

  • Botox for sweating or Botox sweating treatment is an aesthetic technique that helps reduce excessive sweat secretions that some women, and even men, may suffer from.
  • Botox is an injection that is placed in the affected areas, especially the armpits, hands and feet.
  • Sweating Botox blocks the nerves responsible for activating the sweat glands, as it contains proteins that prevent the glands from secreting sweat.

What are the benefits of Botox for sweating for the skin?

  • Helps get rid of excessive sweating, especially in the armpits, hands or feet.
  • Treats all sweating disorders, according to their differences.
  • These injections help maintain skin temperature in the armpit area.
  • Botox for sweating guarantees an effective and fast result.
  • It does not cause severe pain compared to surgical procedures.

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