Do you know the amazing properties of banana peel?

The benefits of bananas on health and well-being are known and recognized, but did you know that the banana peel, itself, can be used in organic cosmetics or to remedy certain skin problems as well as for teeth whitening?

Do you also know that banana peel is also an effective pain reliever and has antifungal and antiseptic properties?

Here are some uses of banana peel:

Banana peels, rich in active ingredients, can in fact be used as a treatment against wrinkles, acne and spots on the skin, for example.



Banana peel is rich in anti-aging phytosterols and antioxidants, omega 6, 3 and 9, magnesium and vitamins A, B and E… which are ideal for maintaining the integrity and elasticity of the skin as well as to hydrate it. Banana peel can therefore help you reduce these wrinkles that appear with age.

Rub the inside of the skin of this fruit on different parts of the face, and even the neck. Do not rinse immediately because you have to let the active ingredients act.

You can also put on a mask every week… You should continue to do this every night before going to sleep, until the wrinkles on your face are reduced.

This ritual will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, thus slowing down the skin aging process.




Fighting acne is an experience most of us have had, especially in our teenage years. Sometimes these unsightly pimples reappear during our adult lives. Usually we use creams or lotions, but if you are looking for a natural solution, banana peel is a remedy that has proven to be effective.

Why is this technique effective?

Banana peel has regenerative properties that help speed up the healing process of wounds.

In addition, its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties help you fight acne and its skin discomfort.

Banana peel is packed with antioxidants like lutein which protect the skin from the sun’s rays. It also includes esterified fatty acids. These can be isolated and integrated into different skin products.

With this simple trick, your skin will improve and acne scars will begin to fade.

The steps to follow are very simple:

  • Take a small piece of banana peel and rub it on the infected area. Perform the operation for a few minutes until the inside of the fruit skin turns brown for example.
  • As it dries, your skin will absorb vitamins and nutrients from the skin of the fruit. Leave on for 30 minutes. Then rinse your face with lukewarm water. In the evening, leave on while you sleep, then rinse your face in the morning.
  • Apply this technique 3 times a day. In no time you will notice the difference.

If these little pimples have left scars on you, the banana peel will help reduce their traces.



Banana peel contains acid molecules including salicylic acid which naturally fights dental plaque and tartar.

In addition, it contains minerals such as magnesium, potassium and manganese which strengthens teeth.

Next time, before throwing away your banana peel, rub it on your teeth for a few minutes (about 2 minutes) and leave it on for 15 minutes, after which you can wash your teeth as usual with your toothpaste.

Do this two to three times a week and you will see your teeth whiten after a few weeks!


Psoriasis is caused by an accelerated life cycle of skin cells resulting in the formation of white spots, scaly skin, or thick plaques.

Banana peels contain natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that can help alleviate or reduce the severity of symptoms.

You simply need to rub the banana peel around the affected area and continue to do so at least twice a day. It may turn redder than before, but don’t worry, this is completely normal! The active ingredients in the banana peel work.


Banana peel is a very good pain reliever. Mix few drops of vegetable oil with banana peel and apply this mixture on the painful area. Let the mixture sit for 30 minutes. After a certain lapse of time, the pain will have markedly reduced or even disappeared.


If no figures are available at the moment, Australian nutritionists who have studied this study recommend consuming banana peels, taking care to clean them of all chemicals beforehand.

Why is banana peel considered a “fat burner”?

It contains vitamin A, lutein and other antioxidants, vitamin B (essential for the proper functioning of the digestive system), also large proportions of soluble and insoluble fibers and which make it possible to limit the assimilation of food, to promote feeling full and lowering blood cholesterol.


The peels of green bananas are the most effective for weight loss. They concentrate, for example, more probiotics, which help stimulate digestion and promote digestive well-being.

Most people will find it curious or even strange to eat banana peel because of its sap and unpleasant taste. But better to focus on the end goal with all the healthy skin benefits of this fruit.


A banana peel smoothie:

You can incorporate pieces of banana peel into your morning smoothie (make sure you have removed both ends of the fruit beforehand). Mix with a little coconut milk and cinnamon to enhance the taste. Opt for the yellow skin because its flavor will be more pleasant and sweeter to the taste than the green one.

A delicious banana peel tea:

To prepare ripe banana peel tea, heat the banana peel in water for at least 10 minutes (having previously removed the threads from the peel). You can add honey or a little sugar for more flavor. A word of advice: whatever bananas are used, take the time to thoroughly clean the skins to remove chemical residues and preferably opt for organic products, whose exposure to pesticides is lower or even zero.

How to store the banana peel?

In order not to spend your day consuming bananas, cut a small part of the skin of a banana as needed. So the banana can last a day or two, depending on the size. Because even if the fruit is exposed to the open air, it is still useful to make a fruit juice at the end of the day.

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