Peeling the face with natural recipes from your home

For skin care at the lowest, cheapest and easiest costs and obtaining a satisfactory result, a face peeling can be applied with natural ingredients that not only give a beautiful scent to the face and make it soft and silky, but also provide the face and body with minerals and vitamins that are of great benefit to the skin. The use of grapefruit in body exfoliation helps to eliminate wrinkles, and the use of coffee in soapy lather hides cellulite for hours. And you begin to collect some natural materials stored in the refrigerator, because natural materials give amazing results that are different from anything else. In this article, you will learn how to mix and mix any natural materials to be used in skin care.


Peeling the face with natural ingredients

Note: All these peels can be used for the face only or the whole body and any area you want to peel and take care of.

1- Banana Scrub With Brown Sugar:

An oil-free moisturizing scrub to get red glowing skin in addition to providing the body with many vitamins that help tighten the body and face

Ingredients: 1 cup brown sugar and 3 sticks of banana (dark brown preferred)

  • Add the brown sugar with the banana pieces in a plate and mash them using a spoon, for faster results mash the bananas with your hand with the sugar.
  • (And you can lick the rest of it with your fingers, no joke but it’s like making a pancake and using it as a scrub.

2- Grapefruit Scrub with Avocado Oil:

Grapefruit contains fighting substances that fight skin imperfections, and using it as an exfoliator helps unify skin tone and fight wrinkles. Avocado oil is gentle on the skin and does not clog the pores of the skin.

Ingredients: a cup of sugar + half a cup of grapefruit juice + 3 tablespoons of avocado oil

  • Squeeze half a grapefruit on the amount of sugar in a plate, mix with avocado oil, and stir the mixture until they are mixed together.
  • And the more you stir the mixture, the more the sugar melts
  • Don’t stir the mixture too much if you want to enjoy the granulated sugar.

3- Lavender and Grape Seed Oil Scrub with Sea Salt:

Dried lavender is used as an exfoliator, which helps fight acne, while sea salt removes dead skin impurities, and they are also considered an effective treatment in fighting eczema, which is common in the Pacific islands.

Ingredients: 1 cup sea salt + 2:3 lavender sprigs + 2:6 drops of lavender oil + 1 cup grape seed oil

  • Remove dried lavender from its branches as you would rosemary and rosemary.
  • Then we add lavender oil, which has a soul-soothing aroma, to sea salt.
  • Then pour it in grape seed oil and stir the mixture well.

4- Coffee and coconut oil scrub with sugar:

Coffee is a huge ingredient in the scrub because it contains antioxidants. It strengthens the senses, softens the skin, makes it shiny, and reduces cellulite temporarily. We put coconut oil on coffee, which is one of the most moisturizing substances ever.

Ingredients: Half a cup of sugar – half a cup of coffee – a cup of coconut oil

  • Stir the sugar with the coffee in the bowl, then add the coconut oil.
  • Do not use hanging to stir the mixture.
  • Use your hand because the warmth of your hand will help the oil to combine with the coffee and sugar

5- Pumpkin Scrub with Baking Soda:

This amazing scrub is very refreshing because honeydew pumpkin contains vitamins that help rejuvenate damaged skin. The addition of honey gives a natural glow to the body and works to activate the pores.

Ingredients: a cup of pumpkin – a cup of baking soda – a quarter of a cup of honey

  • Baking soda is very gentle on the skin, so it is very suitable for sensitive skin. Mix it with honey and pumpkin.
  • Do not taste the baking soda, it is not edible.

It would be good to try these scrubs at home as if you were in a spa, and you can store these scrubs in the refrigerator for one week, use glass jars to see what kind of scrub is inside

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