Basic tips and rules for weight control

Successful weight loss lifestyle changes include:

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1. Commitment:

The person must be motivated to lose weight, as only the patient is able to help himself, but the presence of a doctor or dietician to develop a special program in addition to family and social support is also important.

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2. Thinking Positively:

You should not think about the foods that he sacrifices in order to lose weight, but rather think about what he gains and benefits from by leaving certain foods.

3. Prioritizing:

Timing is very important, trying to lose weight at a time when a person suffers from other problems will most likely lead to failure. Changing habits requires a great mental and physical effort, so if there are family problems or current problems, the person will not actually be able to commit to such a difficult decision.

4. Setting a reasonable goal:

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Trying to achieve a weight that can be maintained with age. Losing weight in a healthy way should be a slow but sustainable process. The good method includes losing half a kilogram per week for women and 1 kilogram per week for men
, as the speed of the metabolic system in men is greater, which facilitates weight loss.

5. Knowing Habits:

A person must determine the pattern of his eating, and whether he tends to eat when he is bored, angry, tired, stressed or depressed, so he must take any action to resist the temptation to food, such as calling a friend
, doing a sports activity, or taking a walk for 30 minutes, for example.

6. Gradual change:

When determining the behaviors or tendencies that a person wants to change, one important thing to remember is that changes that are made gradually are the ones that last.

7. Advance Planning:

Old habits may be ingrained in a person to the extent that he does them without thinking, but mental exercise can help in new habits, such as imagining himself in an evening full of delicious food and being satisfied with small quantities, refining this plan in the mind enhances the feeling that it can actually be implemented .

8. Do not starve:

Liquid foods, appetite suppressant pills, and special nutritional formulas are not the solution to getting rid of excess weight in the long run, as the daily intake of calories less than 1200 calories (in women) and less than 1400 calories (in men) does not provide adequate nutrition and brings a feeling of hunger before a date. The next meal, and it is not recommended to take appetite suppressant pills because their medicinal substance is an imitation of sympathetic nervous activity that may raise blood pressure in opposite to the original goal. The best way to reduce weight is to eat more healthy foods and change eating habits, and reducing calories from fatty substances allows For a person to replace it with foods rich in nutrients such as grains, fruits and vegetables.

9. Exercising regularly:

Following a diet alone can help reduce weight, but if it is accompanied by a brisk walk for half an hour several times a week, this doubles the pace of weight reduction and promotes the disposal of fat and its replacement with muscles, and these changes in the body help to increase the speed of burning calories (calories) .

10. Maintaining the same pace of progress:

You must adhere to the weight loss program and not give up or go back to old habits.

11. Thinking about the future:

It is not enough to eat and exercise for a few weeks, you must think about the future and make these habits a part of daily life

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