The importance of bacteria in life

Bacteria are one of the organisms that live around us at all times and that also have a major impact on our daily lives, even though they are not visible to the naked eye.

Many people know about the negative aspects that bacteria cause to humans. Such as the various diseases they cause to humans, which are often very difficult, but bacteria in life are not limited to negative aspects.

Rather, they have great importance in human life, such that humans cannot live on the surface of the Earth without these bacteria.



The first thing that bacteria are useful for, which affects the lives of people and the entire planet, is that they enter into the cycle of various materials and elements on the surface of the Earth.

The bacteria present in the soil and in the oceans break down the various organic materials present in those areas and transform them into the basic materials of which they were composed.

Then these substances complete their cycle of life. Some of them rise into the air and some of them remain in the soil, increasing the fertility of this soil.

Therefore, bacteria work to provide natural fertilizer for the plants in the soil, and bacteria present in the water work to clean the water and purify it of many substances.

Organic and inorganic substances that cause water pollution.



The bacteria found inside the human body also play an important role in his life, as not all of them are of the type that causes diseases.

The bacteria present inside the human digestive system, for example, work to analyze the food materials that enter the body, thereby assisting in the digestion process.



Bacteria have many different uses in human life and in various industries, and they also have an important role in the economic aspect as well, as they are, for example, involved in the manufacture of various foodstuffs that we consume daily, and perhaps the simplest example of this is the bacteria that transform milk To its various derivatives, some types of bacteria help in converting milk into butter, yogurt, cheese, and others.



It is also used in medical fields as well. It is used in the production of some vitamins, for example, such as vitamin B and vitamin K. It is also used in the production of insulin, which is used to treat diabetes.

It is also used to produce antibiotics and some other substances. In addition, bacteria are used in various industries. Other than the food and pharmaceutical industries, such as the leather industry, for example.

These are some of the benefits of bacteria, and there are many others, some of which are still undiscovered to this day as well

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