What are the damages of laser hair removal ?


Removing hair from the body or face can be annoying for many women, especially since most traditional hair removal methods are painful and give temporary results. Hence, most women resort to using the laser hair removal technique, which is less painful and guarantees semi-permanent hair removal. Although laser is one of the best and latest methods used to get rid of unwanted hair in the bikini area, it may cause some damage. Continue reading this article to learn about the most prominent laser damage to the bikini.


6 possible damages when laser hair removal in the sensitive area

Laser hair removal for sensitive areas is generally a safe technique, but it is not without some potential side effects that some women may experience. Most of the time, the damage caused by bikini laser hair removal is temporary and goes away after several hours. However, if symptoms persist for days or more, a dermatologist should be consulted immediately. Here are 6 damages that some women can suffer from after laser hair removal.

1- Redness of the skin in the sensitive area

Laser hair removal depends on the destruction of hair follicles by converting light energy into heat, and you may experience redness and irritation in the skin, which may be accompanied by some swelling or pain in the skin. The redness usually goes away after several hours of the laser procedure, especially if your skin is dark and thick, but if your skin is light and sensitive, the redness may persist until the next day. If the redness and irritation persist for more than a day or two, you should see a doctor. To reduce the redness of the skin, you can use an ice pack or a cold water bath. Be very careful, you should never expose the bikini area to hot water after laser hair removal, because this will lead to more redness and may cause burning of the skin. 

2- Change in skin color in the sensitive area

You may notice slight changes in skin color after bikini laser hair removal. If you have light skin, you may notice dark pigmentation on the skin, but if you have dark skin, you may have light spots. Do not be afraid, these spots will disappear with time and the skin will return to normal, but if it persists, you should consult a doctor. 

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3- Peeling of the skin in the sensitive area

Although this symptom is rare, some women have experienced peeling of the skin in the sensitive area after laser hair removal. This issue causes inconvenience, and may lead to itching, which in turn leads to skin wounds or scars, and this can be overcome by using an appropriate moisturizing cream after consulting a dermatologist. 

4- Skin infection in the sensitive area

Laser hair removal may cause an infection in the skin, especially in sensitive areas, as severe inflammation of the skin may occur with wounds, which increases the chances of a skin infection, and no topical antibiotics should be used on the skin if any symptoms appear that indicate a skin infection from without consulting a doctor. Are you wondering what a skin infection is? The skin usually forms an impenetrable barrier against bacteria. There are many types of bacteria that come into contact with the skin or settle on it, but they are usually unable to infect humans because the skin is a deterrent. However, when the skin is exposed to wounds or inflammation, it becomes less able to fight bacteria that can penetrate into the skin and infect humans with skin infections. This infection comes in the form of spots ranging in size from small or very large spots that cover the entire surface of the skin area, as well as with regard to its severity, as it ranges from a harmless condition to a health threat.After doing a bikini laser, the skin in these areas is more likely to pick up bacteria. 

5- The appearance of blisters on the skin in the sensitive area

The skin after the completion of the laser is very sensitive because all the pores are open and it takes about two days to return to normal. During this period, if the skin in the sensitive area is exposed to hot water or soap, if the bikini line, for example, is exposed to sunlight, pimples may appear on the skin.

6- Burning the skin in the sensitive area 

Skin burns are a very rare laser damage. There is a risk of burns to the skin in only one case: if laser hair removal is not performed correctly. When a qualified person performs this technique, burns are very rare or almost impossible. These burns, if they occur, may leave permanent scars on the skin, so be sure to choose the appropriate and reputable location for the bikini laser procedure.

Note: Some beliefs spread that the laser in the bikini area affects the uterus and ovaries and causes infertility, but these beliefs are all wrong! As the effect of laser beams is superficial and affects only the hair follicle, and does not penetrate the body to reach the internal organs such as the uterus and ovaries, and does not affect the possibility of pregnancy, and the damages of laser hair removal in the sensitive area do not exceed inflammation, redness and the side effects that we mentioned earlier

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