Study: Smartphones harm the spine

Smartphone owners, when they write short messages, read what is published on websites, and search for information of interest to them, with their heads tilted downward, are exposed to problems in the neck part of the spine.

This abnormal position of the head causes additional pressure on the spine, which over time leads to serious problems.


An adult human head weighs between 4.5-5.4 kg when standing. But if it tilts downward too much, its weight on the neck increases greatly and may reach 27 kg. This is what surgeon Kent Hansraj from New York arrived at, after he designed a computer model that resembles the spine.





The doctor says that as the head continues to be tilted downward, the pressure (heaviness) on the cervical vertebrae increases. According to his calculations, the weight of the weight on the cervical vertebrae is 12.2 kg when the head is tilted at 15 degrees, and when it is tilted at 30 degrees, the weight of the weight reaches 18.1 kg, and at 45 degrees the weight of the weight reaches 22.2 kg. This can cause erosion and even rupture of the discs separating the vertebrae.


In recent years, various studies and research have been conducted on the effect of cell phones on the human body. Doctors warn that the bright light emanating from the screens of electronic devices (phones and tablets) prevents the brain from preparing for sleep, which causes anxiety and tension, and thus leads to a feeling of exhaustion the next morning.


Of course, there are many myths about the negative impact of electronic devices on the functions of the human body’s organs, but science constantly refutes them. For example, it was said that “vacuum” headphones cause deafness, that the radiation emitted from these devices causes cancer, that Wi-Fi causes infertility and other myths that have been refuted by scientists.

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