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Everything you need to know about caffeine sensitivity… symptoms and causes

Have you ever heard of caffeine sensitivity? If you have not heard about it, during the next report, we will learn about everything related to this type of allergy, according to the webmed website.



What is caffeine sensitivity?


Some people suffer from caffeine sensitivity, which means the body’s inability to take and tolerate caffeine, causing you to be unable to sleep, increase your mood swings, and increase your heartbeat.




What are the symptoms of caffeine sensitivity?




Stress and severe anxiety.


– Insomnia.


– Increased heart rate and speed.




What are the causes of caffeine sensitivity? – Taking birth control pills is one of the most prominent reasons, and the reason is the interaction of caffeine with pregnancy pills.


– Many medications may interact with caffeine intake, especially treatments for the nervous system and allergies.


– Consuming caffeine at intervals, i.e. irregular intake. What are the ways to treat caffeine sensitivity?


Avoid caffeine if you already have caffeine sensitivity.




Tips to reduce caffeine sensitivity? – Replacing your caffeine intake with exercise, which contributes significantly to boosting body energy.


– When you get enough sleep, in this way you contribute significantly to waking up and you do not need caffeine-rich drinks to wake up.

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