5 reasons why eating whole fruits is better than juices

Although fruit juice may seem healthy, it may carry some problems, due to it containing a high percentage of sugar, but eating whole fruit daily is healthier than eating juice, according to nutrition experts. In this report we learn about the benefits of eating whole fruit and why. It is better than juice, according to the “health” website.


Are fruit juices unhealthy?


The juices are in a concentrated form and during this process, the most important nutrients found in the peels are lost.


Juices are not a good choice for those suffering from diabetes, as they can cause abnormal blood sugar levels, due to their sugar content.


Furthermore, juices can lead to weight gain. Obesity and overweight are linked to high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart problems, so drinking juices may not be a good idea.


5 reasons why eating fruit is better than juice

1. Contains essential nutrients


Fruit juice is extracted from whole fruits. While making fruit juice, we remove the peel of the fruits but the pulp and skin of many fruits are rich in vitamins and other nutrients.


Extracting the juice leaves behind many of these nutrients, for example; Oranges contain flavonoids, but many of them are stored in the pulp, not the juice.


2.  It contains dietary fiber


The main disadvantage of drinking juice is the lack of fibre. Juice releases the sugar in the fruit and eliminates the fibre. This is why you should always eat fruit as it is rich in fibre.


The presence of dietary fiber and other nutrients in the skin and pulp of the fruit makes it a healthier option than juice and thus, you will be able to ease the digestion process and get rid of constipation.


3. Chewing fruit is good exercise


Everyone should chew their food before swallowing. Chewing foods slowly and properly helps promote healthy teeth and mouth. Besides, it helps digestion thanks to the absorption of nutrients, and also prevents overeating that leads to weight gain, so  chew your food at least 24 times to benefit from all the benefits.


4. Manage hunger pangs


The best way to get rid of hunger pangs is to eat fruits. Fruits when eaten during snack time can help relieve hunger pangs by regulating appetite and cravings associated with hunger.


In contrast, fruits provide sufficient but not excessive calories to easily perform all body activities.


5. It helps you feel full


Fruit makes you feel full longer and helps avoid overeating junk foods, which in turn can help you control your weight, diabetes, and blood sugar.

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