Natural foods that help strengthen the body

Despite the spread of many artificial food products that help strengthen the body after exercising, some sports medicine specialists, including the German Max Timm, recommend eating some natural foods that help strengthen the body and provide it with all the energy it needs.

Among what nutritionists recommend is glucose, which many athletes take while exercising to increase their performance.

Despite the high energy the body gets from consuming glucose, Max Team warns against overdoing it because sugar slows down the metabolism. Pineapple is also a naturally stimulating food for the body.

The importance of pineapple is because it contains the enzyme bromelain, which is found in high concentration in pineapples. According to Tim, bromelain is one of the most important enzymes used in sports because it is an anti-inflammatory and an effective sedative in the event of injuries.

Tim also advises eating walnuts because they contain a very high percentage of protein, which makes them a beneficial food for the muscles, as it promotes their growth and helps them rest after exercising.

Red beet juice gives the body energy and improves blood flow. It helps secrete nitrite, which activates endurance.

Although beetroot juice is difficult to digest, Tim believes that its improvement in performance represents an incentive to consume it. Large quantities of red beets should not be eaten, as nitrite causes the formation of nitrosamine, which is harmful to health.

The sports medicine specialist also advises eating meat, as it provides the body with the largest possible amount of proteins. As for those who rely on a diet free of meat and its derivatives, they can eat soy or legumes, lentils, and peas, because they are substances that contain huge amounts of protein as well.

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