What is Collagen serum: What does it do?

What is Collagen Serum: What does it do?


While most people at a young age have flawless skin that is healthy and glowing, signs of wear appear over time. Because there is a decrease in the production of the protein called collagen due to various factors. The most practical way to compensate for this deficiency is to use personal care products called collagen serum.



What is collagen?

You can get detailed information about the protein that makes it possible to have a flawless appearance even at older ages, through the content titled. Continue reading this article to expand your knowledge about collagen serum!


What is Collagen Serum?


Due to various external factors and age, collagen production in the skin decreases considerably. As a natural result of this situation, wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear on the skin. In addition, the stains that cause tone differences become much more obvious. Therefore , finding an answer to the question of how to increase collagen in the skin becomes the primary goal of people who experience various skin problems due to the deficiency of this protein type.


Various natural methods can be used to balance the amount of collagen in the skin. For example; Consumption of red meat and bone broth, green vegetables and red fruits can be emphasized. Of course, the results that can be achieved with natural methods are generally long-term. In order to increase collagen production to the desired level in a short time and eliminate signs of aging and other skin problems, emphasis can be placed on the use of collagen serum.


Collagen serum, as you can easily understand from its name, are personal care products that help eliminate skin problems that may occur due to lack of collagen protein. Collagen serum types developed for users with different skin types quickly contribute to the ideal level of collagen production in the area where they are applied. In addition to serums that stimulate collagen production in the body, there are also products infused directly with this protein.


Infusing collagen into natural products does not mean directly incorporating the protein molecule into the content. Because the collagen molecule itself is too large to penetrate the dermis layer of the skin. Therefore, collagen stimulating active ingredients are used in serums instead of the original molecule. When it comes to stimulating active ingredients, the first options that come to mind are hydrolyzed collagen and collagen peptides.


What Does Collagen Serum Do?


Collagen serum is a personal care product that provides positive contributions to users both mentally and physically, thanks to its benefits. Increased collagen production causes anti-aging effect. Thus, the skin regains its former flexible structure and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles is significantly reduced. Using collagen-supported serum also helps tighten the skin tissue, making it possible to perfect the appearance around the eyes.

While listing the benefits of collagen serum for the skin, its effect on eliminating color inequality should never be overlooked. Collagen serum; Thanks to its restorative properties, it contributes to the elimination of color unevenness problems that occur due to many reasons such as fatigue, stress, insomnia, sunburns and acne formation. In fact, it is among the most effective solutions in eliminating skin problems called age spots, the number of which can increase rapidly after the age of 40.


Serums containing active ingredients that increase collagen production contribute positively to the skin tissue’s ability to renew itself when used regularly. This effect accelerates the healing process of cracks and wounds on dry skin. Thus, the defects that occur due to the oil-free structure of the skin are no longer factors that cause loss of self-confidence.



Collagen serums are among the first products that come to mind when it comes to facial care routine. However, clinical studies indicate that products containing collagen provide many benefits if included in the hair care process. To get detailed information on the subject, you can take a look at our content titled Benefits of Collagen in Hair Care .


How to Use Collagen Serum?


Personal care-oriented brands develop products that increase collagen production in the form of creams, lotions and serums. Collagen serum types show their restorative effects much faster than cream and lotion forms, thanks to their concentrated formulas. Of course, correct use is essential to achieve this effect.


The head part of the collagen serum bottle is generally designed as a dropper for ease of use. You can transfer the ideal amount of the serum in the bottle to the area you will apply on your face using this dropper. After the procedure, you can apply the collagen-boosting concentrated liquid to your skin by making circular movements with your fingertip. The slower and more gently the circular movements are made, the faster the collagen serum benefit can be felt. Once the product is completely absorbed by the skin, you can move on to the next step in your care routine or continue your daily work

You can easily use collagen serum types together with other skin care products of similar form. However, to get effective results, you must be careful to apply it in layers. Accordingly, you can first apply the light and more easily absorbed serum to your skin. Afterwards, you can switch to a serum that is richer and heavier in terms of content. If you use a collagen serum that contains additional ingredients such as retinol and vitamin C, it will be best to avoid applying it to the sensitive skin around the eyes. To eliminate imperfections around your eyes, you can turn to options developed for sensitive skin instead of products containing such additional ingredients.


When to Use Collagen Serum?


The moisturizing effect is among the most important collagen serum benefits . To reinforce this effect, it is useful to apply the serum before the moisturizing care cream. To achieve maximum absorption and make the most of the highly concentrated ingredients, you can also use a cleansing or exfoliating toner before applying the serum.


You can benefit from its benefits to the fullest extent possible by applying collagen serum to your skin every morning and evening. Especially when you apply the serum to your skin before going to bed at night, you can feel its restorative effect much more clearly. If you need to go out after the application when you wake up in the morning, do not forget to apply sunscreen. Because collagen serum types containing retinol and hydroquinone make the skin much more sensitive to sunlight. Therefore, there may be the possibility of undesirable results such as burning and stain formation.


Things to Consider When Choosing Collagen Serum for the Face


When looking for an answer to the question of which is the best collagen serum for the face , attention should be paid to what kind of skin type you have. For example; If your skin is oily or combination type, you can turn to water-based collagen serum types. If your skin is prone to acne formation, you can choose products containing salicylic acid. This way, you can treat possible stains much more easily. Personal care brands include moisturizing ingredients in the collagen serums they produce for users with dry skin. These components in the formula of the serum prevent the possibility of cracks and wounds on the skin.