Five traditional recipes to get rid of colds

There is rarely a person who escapes catching colds during the winter, especially with the frequent movement between warm and cold places. Below are five traditional recipes for treating or relieving the pain of the common cold, reported by the German news site “n24”.


steam bath


It is important to constantly clean the mucous membranes in the nose when suffering from a cold. It is useful here to clean the nose directly with salt water or use steam baths by placing salt and chamomile in boiling water and inhaling the vapor of this water while covering the head to make the most of the steam emanating from the boiling water.




If you are tired of throat pain, you can use gargling by boiling water, putting an amount of salt in it, then gargling with it to cleanse the throat, while paying attention to warming the neck and chest area.




Lukewarm water compresses are the best way to reduce temperatures. Placing a towel soaked in lukewarm water on the forehead and cheeks and repeating this several times has an effective effect.


Treating the causes of dehydration


Dryness of mucous membranes during the winter is usually due to dry air emitted by heating appliances. Therefore, it is recommended to place a pot of water on the heater or a wet towel.


Heat until sweating


Taking a warm bath, then quickly going to bed, warming up well, and perhaps drinking a cup of hot tea in bed will help you sweat in large quantities, thus accelerating the elimination of colds.

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