Ronaldo competes with the most prominent businessmen in the world .. and these are his investments

Celebrities’ enormous fortunes cannot be based solely on their fame. For example, although footballers receive astronomical salaries that amount to millions of dollars, the Spanish newspaper “Marca” reported that the net salary of the most famous footballer on the face of the globe, Cristiano Ronaldo, at Manchester United, is $1.1 million per week.

But these stars and celebrities not only depend on their salaries to create their enormous fortunes, they also invest these salaries in many projects; To turn into businessmen who run a lot of “business” around the world.

The Portuguese player Ronaldo is considered one of the most famous of those, who are known for their great success in the field of business, as Ronaldo was able to create an empire of projects and businesses, all of which bear his famous CR7 symbol.

Indeed, Ronaldo has become one of the most prominent names in the world of trade and finance, with many investments that may not be rivaled by another star in the field of sports, and the most prominent of these brands bearing the initials of his name with his favorite number CR7:







CR7 . Hotels

Cristiano owns five hotels, named Pestana CR7. He created the first two branches of this chain in his native Portugal, followed by a branch in Spain, a branch in the United States, and another branch in Marrakech, Morocco. He is known for his love of Morocco and spending many holidays there.









CR7 Clothes and Perfumes

Ronaldo has a brand that has become one of the most famous in the world, specializing in underwear and home wear for men and boys. He later released a new perfume with the same name, next to his official website announcement of a brand that will soon be launched for glasses, jeans and sports shoes.


CR7 gyms for sports and fitness

Ronaldo announced, through his official website, the opening of several branches of gyms for training and fitness, and these halls will be distributed between Spain and Portugal.

In addition to all this, Cristiano owns a large stake in two other projects: Zela luxury restaurants in Spain and England, and partnered with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez in a hair transplant clinic in the Spanish capital, Madrid.

It is no secret that Ronaldo participates in a wide range of brands without owning them.



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