9 Red Carpet Tricks Celebrities Use For A Flawless Look


We know how long the prep processes can take when it comes to the red carpet. Diets that started days ago, hours of make-up, endless hairstyling and endless rehearsals. All this is done to achieve a flawless look on the red carpet. We have researched and written the red carpet tricks that world famous names apply for you. Thanks to these tricks, you too can achieve a flawless look! 😊

1. Socks for deodorant stains

Red carpet

Deodorants can leave marks on dark clothes. You can use nylon stockings to quickly clean these stains. You just need to rub it lightly.

2. Two corsets at the same time

Red carpet

Kim Kardashian is known for her love for shaper corsets. The famous name, who sometimes wears two different corsets, says that he gets the best look this way.

3. Silicone nipple concealer

Red carpet

You can use silicone concealer when you wear deep-cut or see-through clothes. Although skin-colored concealers are used very often, it is also possible to find patterned concealers today.

4. Antistatic spray for clothes

Red carpet

You can use antistatic spray to prevent the dress from sticking to your legs. Especially in satin dresses! If you don’t have antistatic spray at hand, you can also try hair spray.

5. Tissue paper for sweat marks

Red carpet

Who wants deodorant and sweat marks under the armpits? You can place a thin paper napkin on your armpit to prevent scar formation. Of course, you should not forget to remove it after a while. 😊

6. Plastic bag for over-the-knee boots

Wearing tall and narrow boots can be a much more difficult experience than you think. In such cases, you can put a plastic bag on your feet. In this way, your foot will slide easily into the boot.

7. Toothpaste for shoes

Stylists recommend cleaning your shoes with toothpaste for the most impressive results. After applying the toothpaste, simply wipe it with a damp cloth.

8. Ribbon

Stylist Micaela Erlanger adds ribbons to many of the dresses. In this way, the waist part of the dress can be tightened and a more curved appearance can be obtained. Moreover, it is much more comfortable than corsets and shapers!

9. Ring for skirt

Trying to hold on to a long skirt all night is much more tiring than you think. Many fashionistas add small rings to dresses. In this way, famous names can easily float on the red carpet! 😊

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