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Prepare a mask for dry hair and see the result after 30 minutes

For everyone who complains about the problem of dry hair and does not find the solution, we will present to her today a home recipe to prepare a completely suitable dry hair mask within 30 minutes to get rid of dry hair, as a lot of money is spent to buy commercial products that treat hair and contain many chemical products that may harm Hair but now you can make your own daily dry hair treatment at home without spending any money using ingredients in the kitchen cupboard. You should continue reading the following article to learn how to make a home remedy for dry hair with simple and easy ingredients.


Ingredients you need to make this dry hair mask:



1 egg yolk

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 cup of milk

1 spoon of honey



1. At first, the egg yolk is separated from the white, and the egg yolk is mixed with olive oil and honey until it turns into a paste. Then you can add milk. You will need half a cup (about 50 ml) but if you have long hair you may need to use more and if you have shorter hair you can use less.


Put a towel over your shoulders to prevent the hair mask from pouring all over the upper body and put the hair mask on, focusing on the ends but also applied all over the hair. You can put the mask on wet hair or dry hair, and it has been found that it is best to put it on dry hair, where it can be washed after shampooing as usual. Make sure the ends and ends of the hair are well saturated, and that it’s a good idea to comb the hair with your fingers while applying the mask to make sure the hair is evenly covered. Then sit and relax for about 20-25 minutes and leave the hair mask to work.



3. You need to rinse your hair well to ensure it is completely washed out of the hair mask (you definitely don’t want eggs, milk, honey and oil left in your hair). Then wash it with shampoo and dry it as usual and then enjoy the smoothness of your silky hair as you can see in the picture when the hair was curly and dry and after that it became smoother and polished luster.

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