8 things that damage the skin, stay away from them

In taking care of the skin, there are some mistakes that women make and thus negatively affect the health of the skin and make it look tired and unhealthy, and due to the spread of this matter among many girls and their ignorance of its negative results, we will today, through this article, present 8 things that must be avoided to maintain the health of the skin and skin


1- Removing ingrown hairs the wrong way


You should not try to play with pimples or ingrown hairs on your skin because you are not a dermatologist and you will not be able to do so, as this may cause permanent marks and spots on your skin.


2- Excessive exfoliation of the face


Exfoliating the face should not be excessive, make sure to use healthy or natural products to exfoliate the face and give the face a sufficient period after peeling so that the skin begins to build new healthy cells, and be careful to use a skin moisturizer after peeling


3- Excessive washing of the face


Do not forget that the face is a very sensitive part and you should think before any step you take towards your skin, and stay away from using soaps that cause the skin to lose its natural oils and thus cause the skin to dry out, so be sure to use a healthy soap that is not harmful to the skin.


4- Using the same cosmetics for more than a year


You should know that the cells of your face are very sensitive cells, and therefore you should change the products that you use every season. In the winter, you should focus on moisturizing and refreshing materials for the skin, and in the spring, the skin needs cleaning and exfoliating materials. In the summer, you should use a protective cream from the harmful rays of the sun. And it contains a good percentage of antioxidants. Finally, in the fall, peeling of the skin must be done to get rid of the damaged cells resulting from the exposure of the skin to the sun in the summer.


5- Do not stress the area under the eyes


You should know that the area under the eyes is the most sensitive and thinnest part of the face, and therefore you must deal with it very carefully and gently and do not rub it hard to remove traces of makeup or eyeliner, for example, because it is the first place on the face where the effects of wrinkles appear, and not paying attention to them makes wrinkles appear on your face before their time.


6- Exposure to the sun to change skin color or not use sunscreen


It is no secret to everyone that excessive exposure to the sun is the worst thing a person can do to his skin because the ultraviolet rays in the sun are very harmful to the health of the skin, and experts say that exposure to the sun for long periods leads to some mutations in the skin, which may lead to skin cancer. Such as melanoma, and this may also lead to the rapid appearance of wrinkles and aging symptoms.


7- Smoking


Smoking is not only harmful to health and leads to the early appearance of wrinkles, but it also leads to skin cancer in squamous cells, which is a very dangerous type of cancer that may extend and spread to any parts of the body if you do not confront it and stop smoking immediately.


8- Neglect


Not taking care of the skin, of course, will make you regret, because it will lead to the accumulation of waste, clogged pores, the appearance of spots and acne, as well as wrinkles, so you must give your skin great attention, no less than your attention to your teeth and hair, and it is not enough to wash your face only in the morning, but you must at least To use a skin moisturizer on a daily basis, use sunscreen before exposure to the sun, and a periodic examination annually to make sure that you do not get skin cancer, as if it is detected early, it will be much easier to treat.