Include hibiscus in your hair care routine


Hibiscus has many aesthetic benefits. Today we tell you about the most important of them for hair.
Get to know it yourself and include hibiscus in your hair care routine, according to your beauty website.

Include hibiscus in your hair care routine

Benefits of hibiscus for hair
Stimulating hair growth and strengthening it
– Hibiscus may help support and promote hair growth in the head because it contains a group of important substances in this regard, such as: Vitamin C, and some amino acids, which may help:
– Stimulate the production of keratin, which is one of the substances Important constituent of hair tissue.

Nourishing hair follicles.
Strengthening the scalp skin in the vicinity of the follicles, which may help to strengthen the roots of the hair.
A scientific study conducted on laboratory rats showed that hibiscus extract may help stimulate hair growth on the head.

Dandruff treatment
– Hibiscus may have potential anti-dandruff benefits, which has made it a popular recipe for treating dandruff in India and many of India’s neighboring countries.
Hibiscus may also help relieve itching that may accompany the crust or that may affect the scalp for some reason.
Clean hair from dirt, as hibiscus contains saponins, which may help clean hair and skin.
Resist premature graying, because hibiscus contains vitamin C, which may be useful in this regard.
Improving the health of the scalp, enhancing the luster of the hair, the growth of hair in the areas of the voids, and the intensification of hair.

Hibiscus recipes for hair
Hibiscus and coconut oil mask to promote hair growth
100 grams of hibiscus flower petals, 50 grams of hibiscus leaves, and a quarter of a liter of coconut oil.
The leaves and petals of the flowers are crushed well, until they turn into a smooth and homogeneous paste.
Heat the coconut oil in a pot on the stove, then add the hibiscus paste to it and boil it with the oil for 10 minutes.
– The mixture is lowered from the fire, and after its temperature drops, it is filtered from the remnants of the paste.
It is recommended to use hibiscus and coconut oil mask at least twice a week to stop hair loss and improve its growth.

Hibiscus and honey anti-dandruff mask To
obtain the benefits of hibiscus for hair related to anti-dandruff , it is recommended to use hibiscus with honey specifically in this way:
– Prepare the ingredients of the mixture, which are: half a cup of hibiscus leaves, and a spoonful of honey.
Crush and mash the hibiscus leaves well, then mix the resulting mixture with honey.
Distribute the mixture on the scalp and leave it for 10-15 minutes.
Wash the scalp and hair well after that.

Hibiscus mask for hair re-growth To
apply this method, the following steps are adhered to:
– Prepare the contents that will be used in preparing the mask, which are: one onion, a few spoons of water, and only a handful of hibiscus leaves.
– Puree the onion in the blender, then extract its juice by placing the formed paste in a leaky cloth and pressing it.
Crush the hibiscus leaves and extract their juice.
Mix onion juice with hibiscus juice, then distribute the liquid on the scalp and wash with moderate heat water after 15 minutes.
Repeat this mixture 3 times a week

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